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We first went to T Ashwell’s a few years ago to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Our meal was fantastic that evening, one of those that stays in your memory for a long, long time. J and I always longed to go back and enjoy a fabulous meal and we got our chance over Valentine’s Day weekend.

The restaurant is located in Ellison Bay (almost at the tip of Door County). When we arrived for our 7:30 reservation, we were greeted by the old farmhouse decked out in white Christmas lights. It looked so pretty. And from the parking lot, you could hear the sounds of the piano playing jazzy tunes.

It was nice and cozy inside the restaurant and we were seated at a tiny table for two near the fireplace. The bartender/maitre d makes a mean cosmopolitan, so we each ordered one.

We ordered the French Pate Tasting (Slices of classic country style pork pate & duck, prune & cognac pate served with cornichons, Dijon mustard, crostini & beet sorbet) for an appetizer. The pate was very good, and the beet sorbet was very interesting. Nice way to clean the palate in between bites.

As happy as we were to be dining at T Ashwells, we commented that we actually enjoyed the pate plate at Sardine in Madison much better.

After our salads, the entrees arrived. I ordered the halibut and J ordered the rack of lamb. He’s been wanting to try lamb for some time and was glad to have the chance at T Ashwell’s.

My entree was good, it had a crab/panko mixture on the top which was very tasty. I wasn’t sure about all the little “extras” on my plate. There was a sweet pea puree, and something with roasted garlic on top. They didn’t really seem to go with the rest of the meal. While there wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with my entree, I didn’t feel like it was as spectacular as I was hoping for.

Unfortunately, J was not impressed with his rack of lamb. He ordered it medium, but he felt it was more like medium rare. He also didn’t care for the sauce it came with. Bummer!

While we weren’t totally happy with our meal, we did enjoy the wine and conversation and being able to slow down and enjoy our meal instead of scarfing it down while S was demanding our attention.  We ordered a bottle of an Australian Shiraz “Strong Arms”. 

We opted to not order dessert and enjoy some chocolate covered strawberries back at the hotel…it was a tough choice between the creme brulee or strawberries, but considering they don’t serve espresso at T Ashwell’s we decided to just head back to the hotel. What is creme brulee without espresso??

Unfortunately, T Ashwell’s did not meet our expectations this time…nor did it even come close to the memories we had from a few years ago. I really want to give them a higher rating, but I can only offer 4 out of 5 wine bottles for this one. We didn’t leave completely disappointed though because we were able to enjoy a meal together and that really meant a lot to us. Plus, I’m always willing to give T Ashwell’s another shot. It will just have to be after May because they are closing after this weekend for a few months (non-busy season in DC).

Stay tuned for the final day of our weekend, which includes breakfast at The White Gull Inn.

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