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If you are friends with me on facebook, you may be wondering about (or annoyed at) the frequent messages that say “A has won 1 swagbuck” or “A has found a swag code worth 1 buck”. Just what is Swagbucks, you ask? Well, it’s quite possibly the easiest way to earn free things. All you do is sign up at swagbucks, download the toolbar and use it for any and all internet searches. That’s it! Once you accumulate enough swagbucks, you can redeem them for great prizes like giftcards (Target, amazon.com, Starbucks, etc.), electronics, music, posters, basically anything you could ever want!

My own personal goal for using my swagbucks is to be able to purchase S’s big birthday present in June. In the short time (less than a month) that I’ve been swagging, I’ve already earned $20 in amazon.com gift cards!

Want to maximize your swagbucks earnings? Here are some tips:

  • Download the swagbucks toolbar. I have it on my laptop, my PC and my work computer. I ALWAYS use it when I am searching for things, even my typical places I go, like hotmail, facebook, wordpress…I ALWAYS type it in the swagbucks box and hit “go win!”
  • I have found that swagging in the early morning (before 8 am), afternoon and evening will give me about 3 swagbucks a day.
  •  Read the messages that The Swag Guy sends in the toolbar (look for the little envelope). They usually contain swagcode information.
  • Get referrals! I currently have 4 referrals and it’s wonderful because you get all their points they earn up to 100 swagbucks per person!
  • On the main swagbucks page, on the left there is a section called “Special Offers…New”. Click on this and scroll to the bottom of each special offers page and click “next” or “skip”.  Don’t sign up for anything!, just keep skipping through about six or seven offers and you will be rewarded with a swagcode. These codes reset every Thursday or Friday, so check back every week for a new code.
  • Sign up for the newsletter (also on main page). I believe these are monthly, sent to your inbox. There is a swagcode at the end of each newsletter.

That’s all for now. If I hear about other tips or tricks, I’ll let you know! Happy Swaggin’!

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