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I’m pretty sure I started 2010 off on the right foot. On New Year’s Eve morning I got a massage!  And not just any massage, mind you, it was a HOT STONE MASSAGE. And it was heaven. I thought, what better time to use the fantastic mother’s day gift from J and S than at the start of a new year?  It was such a relaxing treat that I may make a resolution to get one every year!  Ok, that probably won’t happen, but I can dream, right? 

It is pretty hard to top a massage, but I think my wonderful husband managed to do so with his culinary abilities for our New Year’s Eve dinner. A few years ago on our trip to Italy, we had purchased a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino and brought it home with us. Since then, it has been resting peacefully in our basement, waiting for a special moment to make its appearance. We decided that the start of 2010 would be the perfect time to uncork our prized bottle of wine. To go along with the wine, J made Osso Buco, polenta, asparagus with gremolata and caprese.  And if that wasn’t enough, we had cannoli from a great Italian deli for dessert.  Um, yeah, see?  It is pretty hard to tell if the massage or dinner was better! 

Thankfully, miss S allowed mommy and daddy a peaceful evening in which to enjoy our dinner and watch a netflix rental (we watched The Soloist). We finished the movie (ok, J finished the movie, mommy fell asleep towards the end, most likely due to her utterly relaxed state…or from too much brunello…you decide.) just in time to watch the ball drop on TV.  Happy 2010!!


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