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I purchased our first Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib shortly after S started eating solid foods. We received a number of the traditional cotton bibs before S arrived, and those worked fine, but I got tired of constantly adding them to the wash pile after every feeding. I found the these bibs online and was instantly intrigued by the lightweight, waterproof fabric and easy washability. They are also Lead Safe, PVC, BPA, Phthalate & Vinyl Free.

I love that these bibs cover her entire front and the pocket at the bottom catches lots of messes. These also fold up nice and small and are handy to throw in the diaper bag for eating out.

We have three of these bibs and rotate them throughout the week. (I rinse them with hot water after each feeding and hang to dry).  At the end of each week, I throw them in the wash with the rest of our laundry (these air dry really fast!) and they are good to go. They’ve held up very well for getting so much use!


In my opinion, these are some of the best bibs on the market. I only wish the velcro in the back was a little more toddler resistant. S has gotten into the habit of yanking these off when she’s finished eating, which usually results in some messes. Easily avoidable if we watch her like a hawk, but as some of you know, that’s not always possible with a toddler!


And now for the fun part…
I’m very excited to host my first ever blog giveaway! (I hope to continue doing giveaways with future monthly product raves, so stay tuned!)
One lucky winner will receive a Bumkins Waterproof Superbib (in either blue fizz or pink fizz, your choice).
There are two ways to enter this giveaway (if you do both, you get two entries!). Be sure to leave an email address so I can notify you if you are the lucky winner!
1)Leave a comment on this post telling me your preferred color choice (blue or pink) if you win.
2)Subscribe to my blog (click on the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION button on the top right of this page) and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so below.
This contest will end at noon (CST) on Sunday, May 2nd. The winner will be chosen by random.org and announced on the blog on Monday, May 3 (I will also email the winner on Monday).  
This giveaway is sponsored by me (and my winnings from SWAGBUCKS) and is not sponsored by Bumkins.

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Yogurt + Fruit + Veggies. All in one little cup. Yogurt and veggies mixed together? Sounds kind of strange, right? Well, if you ask S, she’d probably tell you otherwise (except her words would come out as toddler babble). I’m sure if she could form a sentence with more than a few words, she’d say, “What a perfect idea! ”

See that cute baby on the label? S thinks that the baby is her special friend. Everytime she eats one of these, she always says, “Hi, Baby!” and gives it a kiss. Then she asks for a “‘Poon?” so she can get going on devouring a whole container in about 4 seconds flat. Seriously, she gobbles this stuff up!

I love that these are organic. We are not strict organic eaters ourselves, but we did decide to only give S organic milk since it’s free from hormones and other additives. The meals come in three flavors:

  • Pear & green beans
  • Peach & squash
  • Apple & sweet potato
  • According to the website, “Each Meals serving provides more than 20% of your little one’s daily needs for protein and calcium, plus other essential nutrients like zinc and vitamin A.”

    My little trick for squeezing in a few more vitamins into her diet is adding her liquid vitamins to these meals and mixing it up. S can’t even tell they’re in there!

    My grocery store does not carry these (I always had to make a special trip to get some!), but I’ve asked them to start stocking YoBaby meals  and, according to the manager, they should start appearing on the shelves soon.  Just goes to show you that it can’t hurt to ask!

    Stonyfield also has a Rewards Program where you can earn points for things like organic foods and Earth-friendly baby products.

    Want to try out Stonyfield products with some coupons? Click HERE.

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    I’ve been wanting to post about my top five baby necessities for some time now, and since I’m racking my brain trying to come up with a product rave for February, I figure now is the time to do it!

    In reality, all a new baby really needs are some diapers and milk/formula. But having a few extra products around can really be helpful for new parents.  The following are the top 5 baby items according to me.  Things I would definitely want around if I were to have a new little one in the house.


    Baby transport of some kind. We really like our Phil & Ted’s stroller. Although we had this puppy ready and waiting when little S arrived, we didn’t actually use it until she was a few months old and could hold her head up on her own. (in the beginning we just used the Graco snap n go which we loved, too!).  The PROS about the P&T:

    • Excellent steering/turning abilities. I can turn this stroller around on a dime, which is great when out shopping in sometimes crowded mall stores.
    • inflatable tires=very smooth ride. S doesn’t feel any bumps when we are out cruising around in this stroller.
    • Nice storage space underneath
    • Cushy handlebars
    • Available with a convertible doubles seat, you know, to add on once little brother or sister arrives…someday. So you can cruise with two!


    • Takes a little time to figure out how to fold this stroller for car transport. Can be a little cumbersome and we haven’t been able to figure out how to close it up without resting the handlebars on the ground.
    • It’s definitely not the heaviest stroller out there, but it’s no featherweight either. Mom should have some pipes to lift this into the trunk.
    • No cup holders/place to stash keys, phone, etc. We bought the handlebar bag which has a pouch for keys and two drink pouches, but those don’t really work for the Starbucks beverages.  They are more for water bottles.


    The First Years BathTub w/ Hammock. I loved this little tub! The detachable hammock was great for holding a teeny tiny newborn. This tub fits on your kitchen sink for the first few baths when they are really little (I think we bathed S in the sink for the first 4 months or so). Then we simply moved the tub inside our regular tub when she got a little bigger and we needed more space.


    S was never much into the swing or the bouncy chair, but she loved to JUMP!  This product got a lot of use in our house for about 10 months. The animals held her attention and the song/music is cute and not overly annoying (although just about anything will drive a parent batty if they hear it enough). The chair swivels so baby can enjoy a change of scenery every so often. Another thing about this chair…we nicknamed it the “pooperoo” because well, it just seems to have that effect on babies. No worries though, the seat is fully washable! (trust me)

    4. Number 4 is a toss-up between the Diaper Champ and a wipe warmer.


    I love the Diaper Champ (one of those first baby items that is STILL getting use in our house) for a number of reasons. It contains the nasty smells very well (although frequent…read EVERY OTHER DAY…changing of the bags needs to occur once baby is on more solid foods…or just dispose of baby waste in the toilet and throw the diaper in the champ), it doesn’t involve using special bags or liners (you can use your own plastic bags from the grocery store) and it’s PINK.  Well, ours was anyway. 🙂

    The wipes warmer is another product that is still getting use. I wasn’t sure about this item when I first registered for it, I mean, it does seem a little silly. But after having used it for quite a while, I love knowing that her wipes are warm, especially for those late night diaper changes and cold winters here in WI. I have not had a problem with this product drying out any wipes, just be careful not to overfill it.

    5. The Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

    Grandma C bought this for us and we have gotten a ton of use out of it. I love that it doesn’t take up extra space in our kitchen. Simply strap it to one of your kitchen chairs and baby can dine with you! The tray says it’s dishwasher safe, but there is no way it would fit in our machine (we have a standard size machine, but the tray is just really big!). The straps are easily adjustable and the seat part is easy to clean. My parents bought an extra chair to keep up at the cottage and their house for when we visit. I would suggest registering for two of these and keep one at grandma & grandpa’s house! This chair also converts to a booster seat, but we must have a really low table because there is no way that seat would fit under the table.

    Stay tuned for the baby products I thought we couldn’t live without (but really weren’t all that great!)

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    J and I asked for these for Christmas because we were in need of some new everyday glassware. We’d been admiring the Picardie style from W-S for a long time.

    Picardie Glass Tumbler, Assorted, Set of 24

    Our everyday dishes are the white Apilco from W-S and I think they go perfectly together.

    Apilco Tradition Dinnerware 5-Piece Place Setting

    These are great glasses for everyday use. They are microwave and dishwasher safe and you can even use them with hot beverages (although we haven’t tried this yet). I love the French bistro styling.  We are very pleased with how these have held up in the dishwasher (haven’t scratched).

    They come in four sizes. We have the 8.25 oz (for juice) and the 12 oz. (for water, milk, etc.).  We both agree that sometimes the 12 oz is a little too small, so I think we’ll be asking for a few of the 16 ouncers next Christmas.

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    I ordered these PJ’s online on Black Friday and got them for $39.99 (on sale from $49.99) plus some free matching slippers.  I’m not really a slipper kind of gal, but hey, they were free, so why not?  These are actually my second pair of VS flannel pj’s.  I decided that since my first pair wore out, it was time to purchase another pair.  These jammies are so comfortable and WARM.  Although rather lightweight fabric, they do keep me toasty warm.  My only complaint with these is the weird zig-zag ribbon edging around the cuffs, but this strange fashion detail does not detract from the comfort of these PJ’s!  Love ’em!  This is actually the color I got.  If only I looked as good as the model!

    Hmmm…I just checked the website and they are now $29.99 on clearance.  Maybe I’ll use my Christmas money for a second pair.

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    Light Keeper Pro

    I had a little trouble coming up with my Product Rave for this month, mostly because I didn’t really purchase anything new this month.  J picked up this handy dandy little tool over the weekend, and although I didn’t use it myself, I can attest to the fact that it saved us a ton in purchasing new sets of Christmas lights this year.  Upon opening our box of oh, approximately ONE MILLION Christmas lights, we found that less than half were working properly.  The frustrating part was that on most of the strands, half the lights were working and the other half were out.  We couldn’t stand the thought of throwing out all these light strands!  (well, ok, one of us was more ok with that thought than the other…)  Enter the fabulous light strand checker thingy.  J found one at Hobby Lobby for about $20.  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about how it would work.  Turns out, it fixed nearly all of our strands to working status! 

    Stay tuned tomorrow for a post of our holiday outdoor lights!

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    I’m so in love with my PammyJ Opera Wallet that I got for my birthday.  Isn’t it cute?
    I saw one of these “flat wallets” at a Nestie get-together and I thought it was so cute, I just had to have one.  I never knew what an “opera wallet” was until I started my search for these.  I love that it slips easily into a diaper bag, my “real” purse or I can carry it by itself and it looks so stylish.  My only issue with this little guy is that is just that…little…well, compared to my old, clunky foldable wallet, that is.  I had to do some downsizing in the credit cards, store cards, and other odds and ends I was carrying around in my old wallet.  After the de-cluttering, however, I can easily take some dinero, my major cards and even some change along with me wherever I go! 

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    August Product Rave: Netflix


    Ok, a few things before I get to the meat of this post.  One, yes, I realize it is no longer August.  That realization hit me like a mack truck on Sept. 1 when I had to stand in front of a classroom full of teenagers all day long.  Yup, no longer summer. But, I’ve/We’ve been busy, so it took me awhile.  Two, I realize “Netflix” is not really a product, per se, more like a service, but I love it anyway, so that’s what I’m going to write about.  Three, I realize Netflix has been around awhile, but we are fairly new to the whole thing, so cut me some slack, ok?

    So here goes…Netflix.  Oh how I love thee.  It is the perfect answer for all those former movie buffs aka “parents of little ones” who can no longer set foot in a theatre unless they have made the decision to hire a sitter.  Well, put your money back in your pockets, people,  and join Netflix.  J and I got a subscription for Christmas last year (and we will be asking for one again this year).  We get two movies a month sent right to our home.  We can keep the movie for as long as we want (even weeks if we don’t get around to watching it), no driving to and from movie rental stores, wasting time searching for a good movie, hassles of late-fees, keeping track of that silly plastic rental card, etc.  Once we finish viewing our movie, we pop it back in the paper envelope and put it in our mailbox.  Netflix (and the US Postal Service) takes care of the rest.  The only minimal amount of work we have on our part is to keep our movie queue updated.  Once Netflix receives your movie, they automatically ship the next one in your queue.  At first I didn’t think the “two per month” was going to cut it for us, but it is actually working out quite nicely.  It’s a nice feeling, almost  sort of “date night”-ish, to know you can snuggle up with a good movie and a glass of wine when little S goes to bed. 

    We’ve been able to catch up with most of the movies that have come out since little S was born.  To give you some idea of where we left off,  the last movie we saw in the theaters pre S was the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie.  These are the movies we have seen so far with Netflix, in no particular order and with my rating (out of 4 stars):

    Seven Pounds***

    The Bucket List***

    The Reader***


    The Dark Knight**

    Quantum of Solace**



    Gran Torino***

    In Bruges**


    Bottle Shock*

    Body of Lies**



    P.S. I Love You**


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    Well, seeing how July is now over, I guess I should post my “July Product Rave”…here it is, in all its glory…


    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a Ceramic Tools Flat Iron you see before your eyes.  I can’t believe it took me this long to actually OWN a flat iron (I’d been making due with my large barrel curling iron prior to this fabulous purchase…so sad, I know).  But, I was talking with my wonderful hairstylist the last time I had my hair appointment and I asked her what brand she used.  She recommended Ceramic Tools, so I checked it out online, found it for $23 at amazon.com (half of what the salon was going to charge me, holy mark-up, Batman!), so I indulged in my guilty pleasure of online shopping and added that baby to my shopping cart.  (of course, I added some baby spoons for S to my order to get the Free Super Saver Shipping!)  And now, it is mine…all mine! (insert evil laugh).  I love how sleek and shiny it makes my hair.  With the curling iron, my hair always looked dried out and yucky (I now realize the error of my ways), but this has some kind of negative ion charges or something that actually condition my hair as it straightens.  I get sleek, sexy mommy hair in about 3 minutes, and I have some pretty curly locks now (It’s amazing what pregnancy/child birth does to your hair!).  I feel like I should do one of those Pantene shampoo commercials after I use this and swirl my hair/head around for the cameras.  Seriously, it rocks.  Go buy one…oh, just be careful not to let baby near it.  It heats up to 425 degrees.

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