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We’ve Moved…

Hey, blog-world! It’s been awhile…just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. It’s just this pesky “space capacity” thing that wordpress has; not letting me add any more photos of the littles and such. So, I’ve decided it’s time to move on. New blog with LOTS of upload space for all those adorb photos of my kids (yes, you WILL look at them!) and a new title to go with it.

Check it out at Mommy’s Time Out

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Now that I’m back to work after a brief, but wonderful, stint as a SAHM, I’m compelled to document all the things I did with my kids. We had a lot of fun, just the three of us. Granted, not all moments were glorious. Two kids all day long can really wear ya out. But, I tried to make the most of every moment and tried not to get too frustrated by all those little things that can drive a mom crazy. So, here’s a recap…in no particular order.

Trips to Target. There were many.

Starbucks. Almost as many as the target trips.

Target and Starbucks trips together. Nice when there is a Starbucks IN the Target.

Backyard bubbles.

Manicures/pedicures on the deck.

Walks on the nature trail (when Myles would let us).

McDonalds smoothies.

Lunch with Daddy at his school.

Dora, Sesame Street, Team Umizoomi, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…hey, a mom needs a coffee/internet break every now and then.

Raking leaves in the front yard.

Exploring new parks.

More new parks.

Library storytime.

Realizing that library storytime was lame. (well, past it’s prime, let’s say…playing with the toys at library, now that’s some fun!)

Watching the homecoming parade.

Eating caramel apples.

Fairy princess wings.

Ballerina handprints.

Naptime. 🙂

Days with no naptimes. 😦

Lunch on the deck.

and last, but certainly not least…

Chasing butterflies. I’ll keep that memory in my heart forever.

thank you, Miss S and Mr. M for letting mommy stay home with you both for a few weeks. We’ll definitely have to do it again sometime. smooches.

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Wild Ride

Last night was pretty scary. If you’re local, I’m sure you’ve heard about (or experienced) the heavy storms that rumbled across our area Wednesday night. Reports of funnel clouds, heavy winds knocking out windows, downing trees and power lines, that kind of storm. So, where was this momma and Miss S during these storms? Safe at home? (where ironically the NOAA Weather Radio is located…yes, I’m pretty cautious about severe weather!) Um, nope. Guess again… We were actually DRIVING HOME IN IT. omg. I have never been so scared in my life.

My “emergency” trip to Target started off with no severe weather in the area. While we were shopping, however, it started to rain. When we left the store, it was raining and the skies were dark. I buckled S in to her car seat and tried to get us home as quickly as possible. I wasn’t a mile down the road from Target when I heard the weather sirens. A few minutes later I had to turn our car around because there was a downed tree in the middle of the road.

We took a different route home, me trying to avoid streets with lots of trees (kind of difficult when you’re driving through the country!), praying that they would not fall on our car. I was driving as fast as I could while still being cautious and swerving every now and then to avoid fallen tree branches in the road. All the while trying not to freak out so S will stay relatively calm, although S knows what’s up. I think she was alarmed at how windy it was. And the radio weather report didn’t help when they said TORNADO WARNING and S kept repeating “TORNADO, MOMMY! They said TORNADO!”

My 15 minute drive home seemed like an eternity. The funny thing is, I wasn’t the only one on the roads. Lots of people were caught in this storm just like us, all of us scurrying to get home safely. I finally turned into my neighborhood and all the houses were dark. So was mine, as J was already downstairs with Cooper. I rushed S into the house and down to the basement and we waited out 15 more minutes until the warning was over.

I was pretty shaken up, but trying not to freak out in front of S. I know it bothered her though because she kept talking about the trees in the road. I’m just so, so glad that we are all ok. Such a frightening experience that I hope I never have to endure again.

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Let me start this post by saying that I’m not a clothing snob. When selecting my clothes, I’m pretty much a comfort-before-style kind of gal. But I do like to look nice. Who doesn’t? And I like to think I do a pretty good job of picking out clothes for my two-year old. Since little ones outgrow their clothes before they can be washed two times, I also like to hunt for a bargain when shopping for S. This fall has definitely thrown me a challenge in that department, however. Most of the places where I shop for S (Kohls, Children’s Place, Carters, to name a few) have decided that this is the year of the ‘trendy’ toddler, selecting pint-sized preteen outfits to sell in their stores. Ugh. What happened to the cute and practical little play outfits of last year? If I wander over to the baby section, I’m surrounded by tons of soft, cute, appropriate play clothes that I would buy in a heartbeat. If only they were the right size. The 2T/3T section usually contains a depleted supply of glittery tu-tu, stocking-legged, sparkly, gaudy-print t-shirts and outfits that just look plain scary to me. Apparently, kids are wearing them because the racks are almost empty. Maybe some moms have selected these monstrosities in lieu of letting their little one run naked through the leaves this fall. IDK.

I was moved to write this post after my Sunday morning shopping trip to the mall with my favorite partner in crime. I had some awesome coupons burning a hole in my coupon binder, so we busted out of the house at 9 am sharp (thank you, Daylight Saving Time). JC Penney sent me a $10 free cash coupon, which I love to use towards something for S. Hoping JC Penney might have their act together in the toddler department, I took a look around. Apparently, JC Penney buyers get their stuff from the same place that Kohls does. I couldn’t find anything. Except this:

Which, for $8.00, is sort of cute (if you can get past the borderline gaudy sparkly stars), and definitely fits the “comfortable” criteria. But the problem is that this isn’t the only velour outfit that S owns. Oh, no. This blue one now makes velour outfit numero tres in her closet. Why does my daughter have so many of these, you ask? Well, I think my point is clear. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DRESS HER IN!

I’m really at a loss with toddler girl clothes this season. Luckily, I guess, the days are getting shorter, so she’ll only need to be in weirdo clothes a short portion of the day before we can change her into super cuddly soft footie pjs. love! We have a lot of those.

So, what will S be wearing this fall when she jumps in the leaves? Why, velour, of course! 😉

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Holy cow. It’s been a crazy past four days. I knew starting a new job would be tough, but coming off a long mostly relaxing summer, it has definitely been a shock to the ol’ system. For starters, getting my body regulated to actually getting out of bed before 7 am has been harder than I thought. I set my alarm clock people! With good intentions of sneaking in a Jillian workout before showering. Pssh…yeah, right. The snooze button was much more appealing at 5:15 am than Jillian screaming at me to get my butt in gear. I haven’t worked out since Tuesday. Although, we did go on two long family walks after dinner a few nights which was nice.

Then there was the whole “new staff” training for two days. Mind you, I was a late hire and had just gotten my salary and benefits info the day before I was supposed to sign everything and turn it all in. Um, hi! These are BIG decisions people. I felt really bad for all the fresh-out-of-college new hires who had to make all these decisions really fast. We had fun playing games, but I could have done without the marathon sessions about things I will never use in my job. Ah, well.

Then there was the clean out my room from my previous job, move things into the new space, figure out my new work commute to a side of town that I’m not all that familiar with, turn in this form downtown, come back the next day to have my TB test read, call HR about this thing and that thing, leave a voice message, blah, blah, blah…

And while all that fun was going on, there were the obligations for me at my site. Meeting my new colleagues, learning routines, policies, etc., etc. Oh, and did I mention that I’m now the person that is supposed to be helping others with their concerns and issues? It’s pretty much the blind leading the blind at this point, but I know it will improve with time.  “One day at a time” is my new mantra. That and “let me get back to you on that.”

Even with all these things on my plate right now, I know I can always come home to my two biggest fans…It’s been awesome to come home and have S run up to me yelling, “You went to work! And you’re back!” And give me a big squeeze. Luckily, J has been able to stay with her this week while I’ve gotten adjusted. They’ve had a lot of fun hanging out together, doing all sorts of father/daughter things. I’m glad they’ve gotten to spend time together. I know those two will be my rock throughout this year. Tonight when we got home from a trip for some ice cream, S went to sit on the porch and “look at the dark”. She patted the space next to her and said, “Momma sit here.” and then on the other side she asked Dadda to sit, too. So there we were all three of us squeezed together on our front porch stoop and I said, “Aw, we are a happy family, aren’t we?” S replied…”Yeah, happy family!” 🙂

Happy to have my little munchkin remind me of what is truly important in life!

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Someone better clue S in fast about this one. I’ve been trying to tell her that it’s not nice to tattle on people, but she seems to get endless joy out of telling the whole world what mommy’s been up to. You know, cause it’s really important that the checkout lady knows that “Mommy go potty.” Great.

I’m starting to think I can’t trust her with my little secrets anymore. Now whenever we pull into a drive thru (bank, Starbucks, drycleaning…wherever) S shouts “MOMMA GET ICE CREAM!” I swear that I’ve only gotten drive thru ice cream once. Ok, maybe twice.

I also need to work with her on being a little more sensitive when talking about other people’s weight. When my neighbor asked S if she was going swimming in her little pool, S said “MmmHmmm. Mommy no fit in ‘da pool”. Way to rub it in, kiddo.

Guess my days of saying and doing whatever I want are over now that I’ve got a vocal two-year old!

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Let’s pretend for a moment that you are a girly-girl little two-year old. You wear frilly skirts and dresses and bows and have lots of pink things (including your bedroom), dolls, a play kitchen and watch your My Little Pony DVD every chance you get. Let’s say that one day, your mom takes you shopping (whee!) and you come upon the kiddie toothpaste section. Your mom (being the savvy mom who read recently that it’s good to start offering two-year olds choices) shows you two different toothpastes and asks which one you want. The first one looks like this:

And the only other toddler toothpaste on the shelf looks like this:

I’m sure you can guess where this is going, but color me shocked when S practically JUMPED out of the shopping cart and exclaimed “THOMASSS!!!!!!!” Now, she’s seen Mr. Thomas on TV a few times, but we’ve never pushed the subject on her. It’s funny, though, how she has this attraction for him. Take, for example, our morning at toddler storytime at the library this week. A boy about her age was sporting some crocs (those would be plastic sandals, not crocodiles, for those of you who haven’t been around children the ages of 2-10 lately) with none other than Thomas the Train on them. Poor kid didn’t stand a chance once S spied them on his toes. She practically grabbed his shoes right off his feet exclaiming THOMASSSS! THOMASSSS! Unfortunately, trains were not the subject of that morning’s storytime, otherwise her outbursts might have been better received. Bypassing the angry side-eyes from the other parents, I wrangled S back on her storytime mat (which, wouldn’t you know it?, portrayed a wide array of transportation vehicles, including a steam engine). S, hot on her Thomas kick, kept shouting, “Look, Momma. Train like Thomas!” While I don’t think she learned much about the “Ocean” that day, I think she did pick up a thing or two about trains…

So, now our bedtime routine involves S’s new love, Mr. Thomas, who watches her brush her teeth and tells her what a good job she’s doing. Then she gives her toothpaste a kiss and goes off to bed. “SEE YOU TOMORROW, THOMAS!” she says.

Ah, my little girly-girl is growing up.

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for everytime someone asked me this question:

“Where does she get those curls?”

‘Cause if I did, then I’m pretty sure J and I would be sinking our toes into some tropical sandy beach somewhere…oh, who am I kidding? More like S’s first year of college would be already paid for.

It’s really quite amazing how many people comment on her curly locks. And I’ve noticed a familiar pattern with the way the conversation goes. Usually it’s something like this:

Friendly passerby: “Where does she get the curly hair?”

Me: “Well, her dad had curly hair when he was little, so we think she gets it from him.”

Friendly passerby: blank stare

Like they are waiting for something more gossipy or earth-shattering than a simple explanation about family genetics.

Or it could also go like this:

Female FP to her male companion who could care less: “Honey, look at her curls! Aren’t they cute?? How did she get those curls?”

Me: “Well, I have curly/wavy hair when I don’t straighten it.”

Female FP staring at my hair trying to comprehend this info: chirp, chirp. crickets.

Clearly, I need to stop with the honest truth and make up some juicy gem that includes details about a milkman or something. At least I’ll avoid the blank stare.

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It wasn’t until a fellow mom stopped me at Target when she saw S’s snack cup safe and secure with the lap clip that I thought I was doing anything innovative. I mean, it just seemed a natural thing to do to avoid the snack cup from being tossed overboard one to many times during our shopping trip (and saving me the hassle of picking up said snack cup a million times…not to mention germy store floors…yuck!). But this mom apparently thought otherwise and thanked me for the tip. Um, sure! No problem. As I walked away from her, our brief exchange got me thinking. I bet there are other “no brainer” tips and tricks that I haven’t thought of when dealing with daily life with a toddler. Makes me wonder what else I’m missing…That being said, I’m curious to hear from fellow moms out there who have perfected the art of “thinking outside the box” when it comes to toddlerhood. What are your neat little tricks? I’d love to hear them!

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1. How she has decided that “hiding” (between the side of her crib and the wall) is part of her bedtime routine. We brush teeth, read some stories and then I’ll say, “bedtime” and she’ll climb off the chair and say, “I’ll go hide”. I pretend to look all over the room (and the hallway and out the window…because, really, there aren’t too many other places in that room after a while!) and then ‘find her’. She gets a big kick out of it.

2. How when we went to the park yesterday she had to bring her little Curious George along. She took him down the slide (sat him next to her and said “Come on, George”), he got a ride on the swing (in her front pocket),  and when the scary lawnmower started up she said, “It’s OK, George. Just the lawnmower.” 🙂

3. How she likes to give C-dog his treats when he comes in from outside. We have the snausages ‘breakfast” treats right now and S will say, “I give a treat!” “I give an egg’ or “I give a bacon”. Then she’ll tell Cooper to sit and being the nice dog he is, he’ll lay down instead. Then she’ll give him the treat and say “Good dog”. It’s really cute to see them interact like that instead of the usual pounding that she gives him…we are working on being “gentle” when petting him.

4. How she knows some of the words to the songs in the cartoons she watches or the books she reads. It’s so cute to hear her little voice singing along. My Little Pony and her storyreader songs are her favorites.

5. How she’s turning into this sweet, polite, friendly little lady. Oh, sure, there’s the out-of-nowhere silly “terrible two” tantrums on occasion, but for the most part she is a very pleasant little person. She will say hi and bye to anyone and everyone (“bye, guys!” she likes to say), say please and thank you and sorry when she bumps into you (or the chair or the dog or whatever).

S is 2 years and a few weeks old and so far the terrible two’s aren’t really that terrible.

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