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Only one more month to go before the BIG ONE! This month was another tough one for Mr. M. He got an ear infection while we were visiting my family for Mother’s Day weekend, so we got the lovely experience of treating our sick little one while out-of-town. A few days after that, he was teething like mad one day and just miserable. Cranky, high temp, fussy and a nice short-lived (luckily) bout of not wanting to nurse. A few days later, another ear infection. Add that to being treated for pertussis and, well, you’ve pretty much said it all. What, pertussis you say? You mean WHOOPING COUGH? Yup, that’s the one. Three of the four of us have been treated for it, actually. Apparently there’s an outbreak occurring in our area and wouldn’t you know which family was one of the lucky ones to possibly contract it? I’m pretty sure we are the center target for all these crazy illnesses these days. If all this sickness leaves us happy and healthy during the summer months, then bring it on…if not, well, let’s just say this is NOT the summer for anyone to be sick. Please God.  

Ah, sweet little adorable Myles, you’ve been up to so much this month. One day you thought it would be fun to carry your toy truck all the way up all the stairs. Such a strong, determined little guy you are. You pull up on every thing, walk with cute little chubby leg struts when daddy holds you up, cackle laugh with your big sis, babble to yourself while you sit in your jumperoo, and screech when you see Elmo anywhere (on TV, books, at the store…). And are you crafty. One day Dadda and I watched you procure a big pink ball from behind your jumperoo without hitting your head or falling over. Such a little discoverer you are! You’ve been eating up a storm. I sometimes wonder if you are stuffing your food down the side of your high chair you eat it up so fast.

I think your words so far consist of Dada and Clap. Although these seem to have fallen by the wayside as you learn so many new skills. Talking is definitely not high on your list of things to do right now. We love how you wave at everything and your blue-eyed smile is quite possibly one of the best things to be seen.

Tonight we watched you take your first few unsupported, wobbly little steps in the living room. How fitting that it was on your 11 month milestone date. Before you strut off into your newfound world of discovery, we’ll take this time to admire your chubby baby-arm crease, the way you snuggle into our shoulders for a cuddle, the fact that you still wear onesies, those cute open-mouthed baby kisses, the sweet smell of your babyfine hair as you sleep your baby slumber next to us, and of course, your chubby baby hands that will grow more and more into toddler hands as the days pass.

Pretty soon we’ll be wishing you a Happy 1st Birthday, Mr. M. Until then, this mommy’s got a lot of planning to do. Enjoy your last month of babyhood ’cause you’re soon on your way to being a full-fledged toddler!

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