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Ah, sweet baby M, you are learning to do so many things! He climbs up stairs, stands for brief moments all by himself, claps his hands, smiles and laughs all the time, eats “real” food (and poops “real” poops)…yup, just about the only thing he doesn’t do is say MAMA. He’s got DADA down pat and will occasionally repeat it when asked. Mention the M word and you get the blank stare. It will come, I know, but S said mama on her own around 9 months and I’m so eager to hear him say it!

The big 10-month mark…so close to the big ONE mark. At his 9 month check-up, he weighed 23.4 lbs. and was 29 inches. Back ON the charts, as our pedi put it. He’s still in size 12 month clothes and size 3 dipes…he’s been holding steady on those for awhile now. Two more teeth have been added this month, which was oh so fun. He does not handle teething well. With S, I barely knew she was getting new teeth, didn’t make a peep! This one lets you know, poor guy.

His favorite toy right now is…well, ALL of them. He goes on a toy tipping, tearing, knocking down, banging together rampage all the time when he plays. I’ve decided just not to clean up after him until the day is done because it’s so not worth it. It will be messy again as soon as I clean everything up.

On the health front, M has been doing ok this month. He had a few weeks to recover when we were home for spring break and has only had a cold since returning to daycare. He did have a stomach bug on Friday night which was not pleasant and added an extra load to our washing machine’s weekend duty, but he seems to have recovered from that, thank goodness.

It’s been a very active month for Mr. M. I know he’s just going to keep on moving from here on out! In closing, I leave you with the “photo shoot dismount”:

ta da!


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