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Look who’s getting bigger! More and more like a toddler every day. He pulls up, bends down, opens cabinets, explores everything, picks up cheerios with his fingers, babbles, laughs and interacts with us in so many fun ways. Not one to be held captive on the monthly chair photo shoots, either. I might have to tie him down next month…

This month was a tough one, ladies and gentlemen!  As I looked at our whiteboard command center calendar on our fridge, just about every day had a little “x” mark on it, meaning M had his daily dose of antibiotics (or THREE daily doses as in the case of the most recent antibiotic…don’t get me started). The poor guy couldn’t catch a break. Sinus infection, colds, double EI’s…ugh. We are now down to ONE MORE DAY of antibiotics and according to our wonderful pedi, we should be clear for awhile. I took him in AGAIN today due to a 101.5 degree fever that he spiked last night. Joked with Dr. E that we were back for our weekly visit and found out that devilmedicine was in fact doing it’s job and cleared up those little ears. That was the good news. The not so good was just the fact that Myles is suffering from yet another cold virus. At least we don’t have to do the 3 shot series.

Ah, so much for the sickkies. Hoping that these next two weeks out of daycare will help M stay away from the germies and start feeling better! What? Two weeks out of daycare? Why, yes, our spring break is quickly approaching. And not a moment too soon. So many fun things planned for M and his big sis. We’ve got trips to the zoo, picnics and of course, a special celebration for big daddy-o, who will be celebrating a milestone birthday himself. Yes, indeed we’ve got some plans!

So, besides the germie bugs, M has been on the move, exploring every square inch of our house and finding all kinds of new things to get in to. He loves our TV stand, which houses some super safe GLASS doors that are apparently so much fun to open and close. Oh, and then there’s the carbon monoxide detector plugged in to the wall. That’s really fun to take OUT of the wall and listen to the hysterical beeping and siren-like sound. Yup…funners.

He’s been trying new table foods, seems to love the fruits we give him, but has a strong liking for BROCCOLI! I love watching him eat the little tiny buds, it’s so cute! He’s been taking baths in the real tub now and loves splashing around. I can’t wait to sign him up for swimming lessons this summer. He still has a strong bond with his big sis. They love playing the “gookie” game, which is something S invented. It reminds me of the “near and far” skit on Sesame Street with Grover. S comes bopping along into the room and yells “GOOKIE!” at the top of her lungs and Myles cackles/laughs hysterically. S exits the room. Rinse. Repeat. About a million times. So much fun.

Another fun thing for M has been stroller rides. He loves to just chill out and be pushed along, epecially in this nice weather we’ve been having. I have a feeling he’ll be a-walkin’ soon. Look out world, here he comes!

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tap tap. Ah, poor neglected blog. Much like many other poor, neglected things in my life right now. My house, the yard, my weight loss program…the list goes on. There is just not enough time in the day or in the weekend for that matter. In an attempt to have ONE “What have we been up to?” post in between the Mylestone updates (which I seriously have to force myself to write…no time, no time!), I give you the D Family events recap:

We’ve been sick. That’s about it in a nutshell. I know, how boring.  J with bronchitis, me with some form of sinus infection, M with double EIs and now S, off to the doctor today with daddy after complaining at night that her ear hurt, is the likely next candidate for some antibiotics. We’ve spent more money at Wags this past month than I care to admit (although most of that comes off of our Benny card…love that!). It seems that as soon as the nice weather hit, we all caught a bug of some kind.

Speaking of the weather, how glorious to have 70/80 degree temps in MARCH! Yup, good ‘ol WI weather, sure never know what to expect. Once I heard the forecast for the week, I dove into closets and boxes and started pulling tags off of all the kids’ summer clothes. It was so much fun. Seriously. I LOVE getting them ready for new seasons and pulling out all my bargin finds.

S has been enjoying all things outdoors…chalk, trips to the park, walks on the nature trail, backyard fun. And Myles has taken his first swing at the park and discovered the weirdness of grass. He’s totally perplexed by it, it’s really kind of funny.

This early summer-like weather has me thinking of all the fun things we want to do this summer. Trips up north, swimming lessons, storybook ballet (S is totally game for another round!), library trips, setting up the pool in the backyard, strawberry picking, etc., etc. Oh, and one big birthday bash for a certain little man who will be turning ONE and a special little lady turning FOUR. Yeah, mommy’s been planning some splashy good fun (in all my spare time). And with spring break quickly approaching (thank gawd!), I’m hoping this weather streak will continue and we can partake in picnics and trips to the zoo and all kinds of outdoor fun things very soon! 

So, not much of an exciting read, but it makes me feel better to get a post out there. And what would a post be without some pics of the kiddos? ‘Til next time…

the cracker clan

mmm…mangoes. and dare I say “I’ll have the roast duck with the mango salsa” in my best caveman voice?

S’s new picnic table courtesy of our awesome neighbors!

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Yup, the little man is a whole whopping 8 months. Time is sure flying by…pretty soon we’ll be celebrating his first year birthday and I’ll be a blubbering mess that my little baby is not so much a baby anymore, but a little  tiny person. But before we leap too much ahead in time, let’s update about what Myles learned this past month.

He discovered his ability to pull up. On everything. All he wants to do is stand at the coffee table, the tv stand or his music table and slap his hands down and give us that contented cough/laugh like he knows he’s doing something special. I have a feeling that he’ll be walking before his first birthday (S’s milestone date).  His highchair eating habits are improving and he has tried a sippy cup but hasn’t really caught on how to use it yet. Puffs are becoming interesting for him and he’s basically tried all types of pureed foods. We haven’t really noticed a preference for any one kind of food though. He has 6 chompers in his little mouth now and loves to babble “da da da” and other cute little sounds. I think he will be saying dada before mama since he hasn’t really made many “m” sounds yet.

He’s about 24 lbs and still in size 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. He hasn’t really seemed to shake the sickness bugs that are floating around these days. Right now he’s on a new antibiotic for continued sinus issues. A few days ago he had tons of eye goopiness and all signs pointed to pink eye. After taking him to the after-hours clinic, the doc said nope, not pink eye, just sinus stuff. I wasn’t really sure how to handle pink eye since S never had it, so I’m kind of glad it was just another round of antibiotics.

He’s definitely becoming more social and smiley. He fusses when we put him down and always wants to be around us. Us and his favorite sister, of course.  Huge smiles and laughs when she’s around. It’s really cute to see them interact. S is so loving and caring for him and he just lights up when she comes near him. We are so lucky to have them in our lives!

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