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Mylestones: 7 Months

Poor Mr. M celebrated his 7 month mark being all kinds of sick. He’s recovering from a sinus infection that seemed to last forever, caught the stomach bug that plagued our household this past week, and to top it all off…his top two front teeth are ready to pop through any moment. You can imagine that our washer/dryer has been on overload and the baby diaper bin is getting its use, dealing with all the baby messes.

Besides the tylenol doses, teething tablets, and crying at all hours of the night, he’s been doing ok this month. I can’t believe how mobile he is now. And fast! Today I was vacuuming the living room and he hightailed it right over to check it out. I’ve never seen him move so fast. He also loves to check out the laptop when it’s on the floor. He makes a beeline over to it to see what’s going on.

He had his flu shot booster on Friday and he now weighs 22.6 lbs. Seems to be slowing down from all that growing those early months! 12 month sized clothes are still fitting just fine and he’s still in size 3 diapers. I keep wondering when he’ll need to move up in diapers and am hesitant to buy my next big box of 3’s.

He still loves to watch S wherever she is running to and from around the house. His cackle laugh still delights us and his baby blues are just the cutest when he gazes up at us! His favorite thing right now is trying to stand up. He obviously needs some help at this point, and will whine on his haunches while he waits for someone to help him stand up. He gets so excited and gives us that toothy/gummy grin everytime!

Hope you’re feeling better soon, baby Myles!

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Snow Fun

Seeing how Miss S is feeling a bit under the weather today, I thought I’d post about our time a few weekends ago when she was feeling GREAT about the weather and itching to get outside and use her beloved sled. Yup, our little WI gal not able to use the sled until JANUARY. Not that I’M complaining. I sure didn’t miss the shoveling and driving in sloppy, slippery messes. But I think the kids were missing the white stuff.

S and I headed to the park across the street and found a “bunny hill” for her trial run down the slopes in a sled. Part of my mommy brain wondered if she should be wearing a helmet. Aren’t kids wearing helmets for everything these days? Considering that there are no obstacles on this particular hill, I dismissed my over-protective thoughts and tried to psych S up for her first ride.

I think I was likely more scared than S was, so I took a deep breath and sent her on her way down the hill. She had fun! The hard part was climbing back up the hill. We got stuck on one part and S didn’t care for that too much. She did a few more runs and then decided it was time to hit up the park. Because snow-covered parks are so much fun.

Such a big girl on those swings! Check out that cool koala bear hat, a fun Christmas gift that she loves!

Since this snow wasn’t snowball or snowman worthy, she decided a snow angel was in order.

It was nice to spend an hour outside with my little peanut. I feel like I never get time to spend with her like I used to since Mr. M always needs my attention. I think I need to buy a bigger sled so we can cruise those hills together!

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New ‘Do, Too

Not to be outdone by her younger sib, S decided she wanted in on the haircutting fun, too. Actually, it was more of mom and dad initiated. When we asked her if she wanted her hair trimmed she said no because she thought it would hurt. After a little explaination, she was game so I called and set up an appointment.

She had fun going to a salon. They put a booster on the regular chair and she got to wear a smock adorned with little monsters getting their coifs trimmed. We had coached her about sitting really still and she mentioned to Miss B about a hundred times that she was going to sit still. She had fun jabbering to Miss B about all kinds of things.

We didn’t do anything drastic, just trimmed the ends. I’m still contemplating getting a few inches cut off since her hair is really getting long. All in all, a good first hair cut experience!

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The start of a new year always feels so refreshing to me. It’s a time to let the past be the past and look forward to a new year full of possibilities. Saying good-bye to 2011 was not that hard for me. Yes, 2011 brought us our little man to delight us and that was truly wonderful. For that, I am thankful to 2011. I am not so thankful for the political nature of our state that took a toll on my family and friends and put the profession of educating our youth in such a bad light. So, for that, I say, adios 2011…here’s to changing things up in 2012 and giving us new reason to hope!

We rang in the new year in our traditional style. J cooked up yummy things in the kitchen (lobster ravioli, in fact) and we munched on appetizers wearing our NYE hats, much to S’s delight. She even got to stay up and enjoy the festivities this year, thanks to a late afternoon nap. S is all about “parties” right now, so she had fun staying up late with Daddy. Myles and I didn’t quite make it ’til midnight, but I did wake up a bit when I heard S and Daddy cheering “Happy New Year!” downstairs.

So, a new year. Got any resolutions? I think my word of the year is going to be “declutter”. I’m hoping this will apply to all areas of my life…my house, my body, finances, etc., etc.

Best wishes for a wonderfully happy and healthy 2012!

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