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Now that I’m back to work after a brief, but wonderful, stint as a SAHM, I’m compelled to document all the things I did with my kids. We had a lot of fun, just the three of us. Granted, not all moments were glorious. Two kids all day long can really wear ya out. But, I tried to make the most of every moment and tried not to get too frustrated by all those little things that can drive a mom crazy. So, here’s a recap…in no particular order.

Trips to Target. There were many.

Starbucks. Almost as many as the target trips.

Target and Starbucks trips together. Nice when there is a Starbucks IN the Target.

Backyard bubbles.

Manicures/pedicures on the deck.

Walks on the nature trail (when Myles would let us).

McDonalds smoothies.

Lunch with Daddy at his school.

Dora, Sesame Street, Team Umizoomi, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…hey, a mom needs a coffee/internet break every now and then.

Raking leaves in the front yard.

Exploring new parks.

More new parks.

Library storytime.

Realizing that library storytime was lame. (well, past it’s prime, let’s say…playing with the toys at library, now that’s some fun!)

Watching the homecoming parade.

Eating caramel apples.

Fairy princess wings.

Ballerina handprints.

Naptime. 🙂

Days with no naptimes. 😦

Lunch on the deck.

and last, but certainly not least…

Chasing butterflies. I’ll keep that memory in my heart forever.

thank you, Miss S and Mr. M for letting mommy stay home with you both for a few weeks. We’ll definitely have to do it again sometime. smooches.

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Here we are at four months. ALREADY! Reaching the four month milestone means a trip to the pediatrician for a well-baby check and a round of vaccinations. Myles now weighs 20.6 lbs. and is 26 inches long. I feel like his weight measurement is a little off (and not because it’s such a big number!). I took him in four weeks ago and he weighed 20.4 lbs…hmmm…2 oz. in one month? I don’t think so! Not with this guy who’s creeping out of his car seat and giving daddy sore arms from carrying him around all day. We plan to do our own “at home” weigh in tomorrow. Just to be sure.

Myles decided that mommy’s birthday was a good day to roll over on his mat. Only he did it when mommy wasn’t home, so I missed that birthday surprise. We haven’t seen any rolling stunts since he did it a few times at 9 days old. I didn’t feel too bad about missing the rolling on the mat, though, because today he decided to show me how he could roll out of his swing. Yikes! Got to watch him like a hawk now.

He’s still in size 9 month clothes and working the size 3 dipes. We’ve got his convertible car seat all ready to go (thanks, Grandma C!) because we’re all “planning ahead” and stuff. Actually, we thought for sure he’d be past his weight limit for the infant seat by his 4 month appointment, but…the jury’s still out on that one.

Mr. M still saves his biggest smiles for his sister, but he’s been flashing the gummy grin to us as well a bit more frequently. I love his little cackle coughs when he laughs. He can hold his head up for a good while when he’s on his tummy and the hand/eye coordination is really improving. He can hold his rattles and toys and bring them up to (where else?) his mouth. Still no teeth, but his gums feel puffy, so I’m guessing he’ll have some soon. The doctor told us we can start him on baby cereal now. Am I ready for a baby in a high chair?

He’s enjoying bouncing around in his jumperoo and kickin’ it on his playmat. One of the things I love about him right now is the little raspberry/bubble blowing sounds he makes with his mouth. He woke me up with that sound on my birthday. <love>

Hard to believe he’s growing so fast! Soon he’ll celebrate his first Halloween. Is it any wonder that he’s going as none other than Dora’s sidekick, Mr. Boots?

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Last Saturday we took the kiddos to the Fitchburg Fire Station Open House. I saw the signs advertising the event while I was driving around during the week and figured it would be a fun thing for S to do and get us all out of the house. Turns out, it was A LOT of fun! They had a bunch of things for kids to do. S really enjoyed greeting Sparky the firedog. She got to give him a hug and a high-five TWO times!

Another highlight was the ride (around the block) on an actual firetruck. S donned her little plastic firehat and buckled in. They even sounded the sirens a few times during the ride (poor firestation neighbors!). Myles, Mom and Daddy had fun, too!

Free hotdogs and popcorn were also high on S’s list of fun things at the firehouse. She even asked for a second hot dog! Guess all that fire station fun made her hungry.

We went around to the booths and picked up a bunch of the free stuff they were handing out; batteries, bags, sticker badges, plastic fire hats, BALLOONS, coloring books, etc. Then we headed outside to climb inside the various fire trucks they had sitting outside. Right at the end of our visit, S tried her hand at spraying the firehose, with a little help, of course.

It was a great way to spend a few hours together as a family on a Saturday. S was at the perfect age for it, too. And what did Myles think of all this fire station fun? Well, he slept right through it. Gotta love it.

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Are You Ready Boots?

This is an oldish video of S, taken on one rainy/warm day (hence the shorts under the raincoat). I love her crazy, mismatched getup and her personality in this one! She’s bound to do something on stage or musical someday, I can already tell.

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Sophia Says

She says a lot of things, that’s for sure…some of the more hilarious ones as of late:

Riding in the car with me

S: “Mommy, remember when we took Myles to his bath-tism?”

Me: “Yes, I remember.”

S: “Well, why didn’t we just give him a bath at home?”


on the phone with my brother

Uncle M: “What are you doing Sophia?”

S: “Getting ready for bed.”

U.M.: “Oh. That sounds like fun!”

S: “It’s not.”


At the table with me during lunch

S (after seeing me drink my soda): “I can’t have soda.”

Me: “No, soda’s not really good for our bodies. It has a lot of sugar. When you are older, you can try soda.”

S: “Yeah. And wine.”


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Little Fish

While S and Daddy are at swimming lessons and I’m left with only ONE child to tend to (um, yeah, so in awe of you mommy bloggers of more than one child who post all the time! How do you do it??), I thought I’d get to a blog post that I’ve been meaning to write for some time. S has always seemed to enjoy the water. It was evident from those first few baby/parent swim lessons of a few years ago. We’ve had her in lessons every summer since she was one. It’s a nice way to cool off and expose her to the water. Since S is not in daycare right now, we decided she needed some sort of extracurricular after being home with either J or I and Myles all day. She’s really making progress on skills she learned this past summer. She’s now all about jumping in on her own and she’s even been holding her breath underwater. Way to go, S!

S loves her teacher, Jim, and often talks about how he’s going to be proud of her for doing this or that. 🙂




Found the video!

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Easy Fall DIY

Does this crisp, cool air make you eager to get your “fall” on and do some decorating?  Are you a little pressed for time? Say perhaps you have kids running afoot, supper to get on the table, mounds and mounds of laundry to fold? Sound a little like you? Well, I’ve got possibly the easiest solution for your fall DIY craft. Sure to satisfy any Martha Stewart decorating cravings you may have been experiencing. Maybe not pinterest-worthy (what? not heard of pinterest? omg…you are missing out. but beware…it’s more addicting than chocolate cake), but enough to add that special touch to your front porch.

All you need is…are you ready? A pumpkin. A witch’s hat. Thumbtacks.

The directions are even better: Place witch’s hat on top of pumpkin. Secure with thumbtacks. Viola! (the frenchy sound. not the instrument). So easy, I even made two little pumpkin witches!

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