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Mylestones: 3 Months



He’s already a quarter of a year old! And he’s all kinds of growing and changing everyday. While I love all the adorable baby stuff he does right now, the part I love most is how he reacts to his big sis. If you were to look up the word “adoration” in the dictionary, I’m sure you’d see a picture of Myles smiling at his sister. The kid just lights up whenever she’s in the room. He fixates on whatever she’s doing, especially if she’s jumping up and down and he just sits there and grins from ear to ear! S is still the doting big sister and loves her some Myles right back. It will be interesting to see how their relationship continues as they both grow older, but right now it seems that they are going to be pretty tight buds…I’m sure we are in for it!

Some of his favorite things right now are inspecting his hands. It’s kind of funny to watch how intently he stares at them for rather long periods of time. He also loves watching the leaves blow on our big tree in the front yard. He can be very smiley at times and will even let out a little sound that’s half laugh, half cough when something strikes his funny bone. Other than his hands, his favorite toy is his fish rattle.

I just washed all his 9 month sized clothes as the 6 month clothes were getting a little snug. Kinda makes me wonder if I should just go ahead and buy him some 2T sized stuff for this summer! Trying to squeeze in the last of his size 2 diapers before moving on to the 3’s…and we are quickly approaching the need to put him in a convertible car seat as he will soon exceed the weight limit of his infant seat. Wondering how this will work since he can’t sit up on his own yet (think shopping cart seats, stroller rides, etc.).

Happy 3 months, Mr. Myles…you continue to delight us everyday!

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I feel a little funny posting about our beach trip right now, seeing as how it’s only about 55 degrees and dreary out today…but, I’m trying to capture these memories before they disappear, so now’s as good a time as ever, I guess.

Back in August, we continued our family tradition of spending a day at Devil’s Lake. I was a little hesitant this year since Myles is so little…well, age-wise, I mean. My mommy senses led me to explore the internet to find a little tent or canopy that we could set up on the beach to keep him away from those evil UV rays. I found THIS at amazon and after reading the reviews, I purchased it for our trip. It was a great thing to have. It set up with ease (although I let J handle that part) and provided a nice little shelter for him during the day. It also allowed a discreet place for me to feed him.

We didn’t plan too much in advance for this trip as far as food goes. I stopped at Copps along the way and picked up some picnic-y type foods for us to munch on. S, our little food lover, was so cold after swimming in the lake, asked me through chattering teeth on the way in, “What d-d-did y-y-ou bring for lunch, Mommy?”

This year we tried the south beach for the first time. It was better crowd-wise (we went on a Sunday this year), but the beach and lake area are a bit more rocky. I think next year we’ll try to go during the week again and get a spot on the sandy north shore. I anticipate Myles being able to teeter around on the beach next year, so that will be lots of fun!

Fun to see our previous trips HERE. S was so little!

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Park It

Being on leave from work and being home with my kids is great. But it also leaves me with the daily challenge of how to occupy a three-year-old and an infant simultaneously. I like to get out of the house with them (otherwise we all get a little crazy), and the bjorn has been very helpful in getting us ALL out and about at the same time.

A few days ago, we were driving home from Fitchburg and S spied some huge kites flying in the sky. We had nothing better to do, so I drove in for a closer look. The kites were being flown at McKee Farms Park and while we were checking out the kites, I noticed a cool-looking fenced-in park for little kids nearby. I was kind of surprised I’d never heard of this kid playground before, and filed it away as something to do very soon!

A few days later, I was out of kid-occupying ideas so we headed to the new park to check it out. S was super excited because parks rank high on her list of fun things to do right now. The ground is covered in safe, durable rubber chips (instead of woodchips) and the park is basically completely fenced-in. Just watch the front entrance should your child decide to make a quick exit! That part is not fenced in. There’s a lot for little kids to explore, like covered slides, tire swings and musical instruments. There’s even a tiny tot area for those just learning how to play!

It was a chilly day (temps forecasted to only be in the 60s) and I’m guilty of overdressing my bunch. I guess I got a little carried away as I broke out the hats and mittens on our first chilly day of the season. Here they are playing around at the “new” playground.

A free fun few hours. I know we’ll be back…and not just because there’s a Starbucks nearby! 😉

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Well, we did it. Last month, we packed up the Jeep complete with a three year old and all her gear and a newborn and all HIS gear (surprising how much those little ones need!) and ACTUALLY LEFT THE CITY. Our destination was my family’s cottage in Minocqua. It had been awhile since we’d taken a trip anywhere, so the rearranging of our schedule so that a week on the calendar was clear to venture northbound was well worth it.

A whole week to ourselves was wonderful. We did a ton of family stuff. First up was to take in a Min-aqua Bats waterski show. We also took a trip to Jim Peck’s Wildwood Park where we got to see a bunch of cool animals. And S got to feed a bird on a stick and pick up some baby bunnies.

Then we visited Torpy Park. S had a blast running around the playground with Daddy! We also visited the public library since I had to use the internet and print off some things while we were up north. Yes, I know, mixing business with pleasure…tisk, tisk.  S and J had fun in the children’s section discovering all the toys, especially the gigantic caterpillar. 

We got in some swimming at the lake as well, but my pics of that are on the other camera and I’m pulling the lazy card on that one. For dinner one night we headed to the Minocqua Pizza Co. for some tasty pizza.

Another night, J carefully constructed a campfire for us. Very relaxing and oh-so-necessary to complete the “up north” experience. We even roasted hot dogs for dinner that night and topped them off with s’mores…mmmm!

Yes, that’s a Schlitz…keeping the Milwaukee heritage alive!

In an attempt to subtract some calories from our trip, we went for a hike on the Bearskin Trail one day. It was a lot of fun. I’ve said it before, but I always feel so relaxed on that trail. Whether biking or hiking, it just seems to center me for some reason. Myles enjoyed the hike so much. Well, if sleeping is any indication of liking something, I’d say this was high on his list!

Towards the end of the hike, S was getting tired. It was so funny when she said, “Could someone carry me, please?” Of course, that someone was Daddy since I was tied up with Myles.

We had been promising S a pony ride, and we made true to our promise with a ride on a pony named none other than…Dora. I’m not making that up.

It was a lot of fun, although next time I’m taking them up on the “wear a helmet” suggestion. The ride was about 10 minutes into some pretty hilly northwoods country. J actually slipped on some gravel at one point. So yeah, helmets for sure next time.

We also checked out a new-to-us ice cream shop called “What’s the Scoop?” They have Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream…and S’s favorite flavor, Blue Moon.

And speaking of blue…look who still has some adorable blue peepers! Still crossing my fingers that one of my offspring will have blue eyes like me!

Well, that about sums up our wonderfully relaxing and fun trip up north. I wish we could have stayed longer…maybe next summer we’ll stretch it out to two weeks.


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Eager to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful September weather, the fam headed out to the Sassy Cow Creamery on Sunday. It was the first trip there for all of us. After a short little drive in the car, we arrived at the bright red barn that houses the creamery and some yummy treats like organic milk, ice cream and cheese curds.

Before heading into the store, we were side-tracked by the mini  barn and farm “toys” to the right of the parking lot. S enjoyed visiting the baby goats and trying her hand at the bean bag toss, pink tractor and hula hoop.

Then we headed in to pick out a flavor of ice cream. S wanted to try them all, of course. Eventually, she decided on Pink Lemonade. I had Peanut Butter Fudge and J had, well, a mess, but some strange combination of three flavors that melted very quickly. Still very tasty!

And where was little Myles during this visit? Hanging out with momma in the Bjorn, he was. Except when he wanted some dairy products, too. Then I let him out and tried to take a picture of him with the countryside.

I was expecting to see some COWS at the Sassy COW Creamery, but we didn’t see any. Guess the cows are so sassy they can’t keep them close by. A nice afternoon spent in good old-fashioned Wisconsin cow country.

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Look who’s growing! Mr. M has reached the two month mark and now weighs a whopping 17 lbs. Yes, that’s a 1 and a 7…together. At two months. I still can’t believe how big he his. J and I were guessing his weight before his appointment and we were thinking more like 13 or 14 lbs. I just stood there shaking my head when the nurse read his weight on the scale.

Our big guy continues to be a calm, mellow fellow. He rarely fusses or cries and has started to give us those adorable toothless baby grins. Just melts my heart when he smiles at me. He’s now wearing size 6 month clothes. Luckily, I’ve found some good clearance deals on summer clothes for him!

Here are his stats before I forget: Weight 17 lbs (99%…duh), Height: 24.5 inches (93%), Head: 41.2 (80%).

We’re so happy to have him in our family. S continues to dote on her little brother. We haven’t had any issues of her being jealous of him or asking to take him back to the hospital! She’s the best big sister to him!

Right now some of his favorite things are hanging out in his swing, staring at the star that lights up on his activity mat and pushing up on his legs. He’s got some muscles, that’s for sure. We haven’t seen much rolling since the early debut, so we’re trying to get more tummy time for him.

Myles enjoyed his first trip to the cottage and to the beach this past month. I’ve been a little tied up with work and life, so blog updates were pretty nonexistent in August…one thing I plan to update during my maternity leave. Which I’m so happy I get to take and I’m even happier that it will be starting very soon!

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