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Mylestones: 1 Month

That was the fastest month on record! I can’t believe Mr. M is one month old already. I’m sure I’ll be saying that about every month that passes, but seriously guys, where did the time go? Myles has been busy doing all kinds of sleeping and eating and rolling over. Yup. I said ROLLING. Our big guy’s got the muscles and he preformed his first rolling feat in front of daddy at 9 days old. I didn’t believe it when J told me. I had to see it for myself. Check it out!

Our little guy has been busy keeping up with all his big sister’s activities. We’ve taken him bowling, to the movies (to see Pooh and Cars 2), to ballet class, storytime, swimming lessons and a few trips to Target and Starbucks. He’s being introduced to all kinds of fun things. Miss S enjoys getting a clean diaper for him, but won’t touch the stinky ones! (smart lady) And she lets us know when he spits up, burps, grunts or does any other lovely baby thing that he does.

I’m not sure of his current weight as there aren’t any doc visits for one month olds, but he looks bigger to me every time I pick him up.  I think we’ve seen glimpses of little smiles, but are still waiting for that adorable moment (I think it looks like he’s smiling in that pic up above). Little man likes to be clean and will sit calmly through his baths in his little hammock. (unless someone forgets to push the shower head button down and proceeds to give him a chilly little shower. Nope. Doesn’t care for that much. Oops!) He also loves having his hair brushed and will just sit there with a dazed expression while I brush his soft little head. His awake times are getting longer, but the man still loves his sleep. Gotta love him for that! (if not all the countless other cute baby things he does.)

 Happy One Month, Little Dude!

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Bowling Fun

Did you know that you can take little kids bowling? I sure didn’t until Kiara at One More Makes Four told me about a cool summer program called Kids Bowl Free. At first, I figured it was a program for older kids, but then realized that they DO make tiny bowling shoes (well, size 9 is the smallest they had at our bowling alley) and that they have these cool metal ramps that you can set up in the lane so all your little one has to do is roll it down the ramp!

We took S a few weeks ago and she had a lot of fun. Thanks to a 4 lb. ball and the option to set up the bumpers on her frames (no gutterballs for S!), she enjoyed two free rounds of bowling with her Daddy. Check out their scores! Not too shabby for her 1st time bowling!

Getting her bowling shoes on. She was so cute and carried her pair of socks in her pocket all morning before we got to the bowling alley.

What would a trip to the bowling alley be without some pizza?

Myles was thrilled to be bowling…

And the final score…

I see more bowling in our future this week…a nice cool place to hang out for a few hours during the heat wave!

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I wanted to sign S up for dance classes this summer. She’s all about twirling and dancing around these days and I figured it would be a good energy outlet for her one day a week. In trying to find a class that accommodates three-year-olds, I came across a class offered in our area called Storybook Ballet. I was intrigued, so I called and spoke with the owner. She said the class is designed around one storybook fairy tale each week. The teacher goes over some basic stretches and ballet poses in the beginning, then they do floor work (which is really each girl tip-toeing across the floor once) and then they sit on the floor and read this week’s story and then the fun part…they get to put on little costumes aligned with the week’s storybook and do a little dance routine. It’s really just downright adorable. She’s in a class with 3 and 4 year olds and hasn’t missed a beat being the youngest (just made the cut off by 2 days!) in the class. It is so much fun to watch her each week and she gets a kick out of putting on her leotard and ballet slippers (and having mommy do a ballerina bun in her hair!). My parents gave her the lessons as part of her birthday gift this year and it is definitely money well spent. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa! Can’t wait for grandma to check her out at lessons this week!

All ready to go in for her first class!

Come on in, Sophia! She was so excited!

Sitting on her star, doing footwork.

Getting some help from Ms. Annie

Hi, Mom! Tough to take pictures through the glass.

Twirlin’ before class…

The first week’s book was Mary Poppins…

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I wasn’t blogging when S was a baby, so I never recorded her weight and height stats at her check-ups, so I’m going to try to be better about that this time around.

Our pediatrician got a double dose of us on Tuesday, when S had her 3 year check up and M had his two week visit. I was pretty proud of myself for remembering in my labor-drug induced state for asking if we could schedule their appointments together and avoid two separate trips to the doc.

Everything with both kiddos is fine. S, being the big sister, got to decide who went first and boldly offered up her younger brother for the pedi’s inspection. Lucikly, no one was scheduled for shots at this visit, so I knew we’d most likely avoid any teary tantrums.

Mr. M is growing like a weed and now weighs 11 lbs. 7 oz. (99%) and is 22.5 inches (96%) long. At least I know what he’s been up to during all those marathon nap sessions. I’ll take the extra two weeks it took him to get out, since my big baby is a champ sleeper. Love it! The kid sleeps through everything, big sister’s ohhs and ahhs and kisses, loud banging drums at the children’s museum, fresh outdoor air at the gardens, trips to Target (I’ll have to have a little talk with him about this in a few weeks…right now, I’m taking all the sleeping baby time I can get!). Oh yeah, and since I’m being all “data recording” and stuff, his head circumference is 38 cm. (73%)

S was next and she did very well until someone mentioned something about checking her ears. Immediately, her hands were up on the side of her head covering up those little ears. And then she decided that no one was going to look in her mouth either, so she clamped her lips shut. Took a little coaxing from dadda and the pediatrician’s med student, but finally we got a look in her ears and mouth. Both of her ear tubes have fallen out, so I guess I’ll have to call the ENT about that one and see if he still wants us to come in for an ear check in a few weeks. Our little lady now weighs 31 lbs. (52%) and is 36.75 inches (33%). She had her blood pressure taken for the first time at this visit and did very well during the arm “hug”.

A clean bill of health for both kiddos and a sticker for one little lady and we were out the door. But not before scheduling Mr. M’s 2 month appointment. Any guesses on what his weight will be at the 2 mo. check up?

Love this shot of the sibs, right after S’s ballet class, just before heading to the pediatrician for their check ups.

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Party Pics

Two days after we got home from the hospital, we held S’s 3rd birthday party. The original plan was to hold it on her birthday, but baby brother (in true younger sib style) put a kink in those plans, so we rescheduled it a week later. I think it’s safe to say that S had a blast (and was spoiled rotten) by her grandparents, and aunts and uncles who made the trip for her Dora-themed fiesta.

J was a huge help, shopping and cleaning and whipping up some delicious fajitas for the event. We were glad to host a party for S and it was nice that everyone got to meet Mr. M while he was pretty much brand new, but we were wiped out afterwards. Most of the party details (decor, cake) I had taken care of a long time ago since I knew we’d be cutting it close to baby time and I wouldn’t have a lot of energy. We also kept it low-key and tried not to fuss too much. I’ll admit that I wasn’t the best hostess, but I was still pretty loopy from the drugs and was going on not much sleep.

Here are some pics of the shindig. I had fun making the tissue pom poms and the cake was from Craig’s Cake Shop. Always yummy. S got a ton of great gifts. She’s had a lot of fun parading her Dora balloons around the house, grilling out on the deck with her mini grill set and painting masterpieces on her new easel. She’ll also be one stylin’ lady with all her new clothes. She’s so lucky!

And what would a birthday post be without a little Happy Birthday song!

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After going long past my due date, we finally scheduled my induction for Wed. June 29 (I would have been 41w6d). I was all set to call in at 6:00 a.m. My mom arrived Tuesday and we all went out for dinner and did some quick grocery shopping for her and S while we were in the hospital. Before heading out to dinner, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t felt the baby move much all day. I tried stirring him, poking him, jumping up and down, drinking oj, nothing seemed to rouse him. I called triage and they said that is something I should come in and be monitored for. J and I drove in and my mom stayed home and occupied S. While we were headed to the hospital, I started to feel him move a bit more, so I called again and they said it was ok if I didn’t come in. They said to call overnight if I had any more concerns, otherwise they would see me tomorrow! We turned around and headed home. Little did I know I’d be calling the hospital again in a few short hours!

We had a late night (S was still up at 11:00!), but around midnight everyone was settled in and we were preparing ourselves for the 5:00 a.m. wake up call. Around 1:00 a.m., I woke up to go to the bathroom. In the back of my mind, I thought I was feeling contractions, but quickly dismissed the thought because I was so certain at that point that he was never going to come out on his own. I went back to bed and woke an hour later and noticed the same sensations in my stomach. Could those really be contractions? They were about 10 minutes apart, so I decided to lie back down and see what happened. Around 3 a.m. they were coming closer together, about 4-6 minutes apart.  I woke J up to let him know what was going on. I’m sure he thought it was nothing to be too concerned about since I had had false labor start up a few times before. S woke up with a nightmare around this time, so I went in to comfort her and let my mom know that I was having contractions. I was still worried they were going to die down, but was hopeful that they were getting closer together. I couldn’t sleep after that, so I decided I’d get in the shower since I’d be headed to the hospital regardless of if the contractions continued or not. I got ready and then told J he should probably get in the shower, too, just in case. While J showered, I packed up the “last minute” items into my suitcase. Then I headed downstairs to the laptop so I could start timing my contractions on Contraction Master.

As I watched the world slowly wake up and heard the birds start chirping at 4:30 a.m., I realized that this pain was something I had been hoping for for so long and now that it was finally here, I couldn’t believe it. After watching the news and hitting the space bar a few times, I called in to triage to let them know what was happening. The nurse thought I could labor at home a little longer, so I did. And the pain was getting worse, so I figured this was really it. J came down and made us English muffins and juice. I couldn’t sit through my contractions so I would get up and press down on a chair or the counter during them.  J put everything in the car and after a particularly painful contraction, I had J call triage and hour after I first called. J told them they were coming about 3 to 4 minutes apart lasting about a minute. They asked if I wanted to come in and I said YES! As we were getting ready to leave, I started to feel sick during contractions so I hung out in the bathroom for a bit, but luckily never got sick. My mom came down just as we were leaving to say good-bye. I was so glad she was here to take care of S while we went to go meet our new little guy!

We left our house at 6:06 am. The ride in went ok. It was hard to have to sit through contractions, but I squeezed J’s hand and that seemed to help. My dad called as we were driving in and I told him I might have to hang up on him during the call when a contraction came. He wished us luck and I said we’d call soon with news. We arrived at the hospital and I had J just leave the car in the entry area since I was so uncomfortable, I just needed him to help me get to triage and not worry about lugging in bags. After pausing a few times in the hall during contractions, we made it up to triage and they had me collect a urine sample and put me in a waiting area. We arrived around 6:30, and were close to a shift change at 7:00, so I think they were waiting a bit before they got to me. Finally they came and said they were just going to admit me, since I was either having this baby on my own or being induced, it didn’t matter at that point how dilated I was. A nurse took us to our room and I got changed. The shift changed and I got to meet my two labor and delivery nurses, Bev and Lisa. They kind of left us alone for a bit and after suffering through a bunch of contractions, I made J go tell them I wanted to get the epidural process started. I remember needing to lean on J during contractions. It was great to have his support through the rough ones.  Bev came in to start my IV and that’s when I knew we were going to have problems. She couldn’t find my veins. Anywhere! She tried my hand, arm…nothing. I must have been dehydrated because that has never happened before. After being poked a million times to no avail (while suffering through some major contractions, mind you), she finally called for the anesthesiologist. He had a hard time as well, but after what felt like 3 hours, they finally got the IV started. Somewhere during all this they checked my cervix and I was at 5 to 6 cm. I’m pretty sure they didn’t wait for the saline to run through before starting to work on the epidural. Soon I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my feet propped on a chair and my body curled around a pillow. There was a prick when the lidocane went in and then a cooling feeling. He couldn’t get the first round in (my luck this time, I guess!), and tried again in a different spot. He was awesome though, apologizing for the pain I was in and I said it’s totally fine since I knew he was working his fastest trying to get me some relief! Another prick and finally the epi went in. They had me lay on my right side first and then I flipped to my left (ok, I didn’t flip…I had some help since I wasn’t exactly in flip on my own status at that point). I could still feel the ‘window’ on my left side where the epi wasn’t settling in. I asked if I was having a contraction because that was the only place on my body where I could feel a little pressure at certain times. They increased the epi and that seemed to help. After a few ice checks on my legs and abdomen, they said it was a great epi and I agreed. I closed my eyes and rested after all the initial pain, I was finally feeling comfortable and could relax a bit. I didn’t keep track of the exact time, but I would say I got my epi around 9:30. Then I met the doctor on-call, who was awesome. He was so calm and was great to work with. He said I’d be having a baby soon so I should get some rest. Then the resident came in and asked me some basic questions about my pregnancy. He asked me if my water had broken and I said no. Not much later I felt a strange sensation, then my body shook and then a popping sound and what I would imagine would be a gush if I had any sensation in my lower body. Everyone kind of looked at me and I said, I think my water just broke! It was crazy because I think everyone heard it and I didn’t have that experience during my delivery with S. The resident checked and confirmed that it was, in fact, my water breaking. It was clear, so that was good. The nurses helped get everything cleaned up. I remember telling the resident not to ask me any more questions because then things might start happening just like they did with my water.

After resting some more, the doctor came back in and said that my body was contracting like crazy. I couldn’t feel a thing thanks to the magical epi. He checked my cervix again and I was at 9 cm. Everything seemed to be going fine until he mentioned something about the baby being transverse. I said he’s been head down at all the ultrasounds. I guess I was picturing transverse as what I had seen in all the baby books about the baby laying sideways in my belly. What the doctor meant was that he was facing the side instead of my back. He said during the next contraction he was going to try to turn him, if that was ok with me. I didn’t care, I just wanted things to be going well, so I agreed. They weren’t able to turn him (I’m guessing due to his size, I think he was just stuck there!), so the doctor said we’d just try pushing. So that’s what I did. He told me the drill: Deep breath in, hold it, push as hard as I could for 10 seconds. Exhale. Deep breath in, hold it, push for 10 seconds and repeat one more time. Okey dokey, doc! Let’s do this! On the next contraction, I did as I was told and everyone kept encouraging me, so I figured I was doing a good job. It was hard to tell with the epi. They waited for another contraction and I pushed again. He was coming out fast, dark hair and all. One more contraction full of pushes and our baby arrived into this world. They put him up on my chest right away and J got to cut the cord. He didn’t make much noise at first, but I remember how BIG he was as they lifted him on me. Everyone in the room kind of gasped when he game out because he was a big guy. After he was weighed, we found out he was 10 lbs., 10 oz. and 20 inches long! We sat admiring him for awhile, the nurse took our family picture and we were just in awe. During all this, I vaguely remember them giving me a shot of pitocin in my leg to expel the placenta and the doctor and the resident worked to stitch me up. They were working for a long time, so I figured it must be bad. I asked and they said it was a third degree tear. Ouch! Finally they were finished with the stitches and I remember the doctor asking if I wanted to see the placenta. I declined and focused on admiring our new bundle of joy.

My recovery in the hospital went well. My right leg took the epidural really well and the numbness took a long time to go away. They had to wheel me into the bathroom since I couldn’t stand on my leg. It was still numb when they wheeled me to our recovery room. Once again, my plans of getting in the shower right away didn’t happen. I still had the IV in my hand and they wouldn’t remove it since I couldn’t feel my leg. I figured it was probably best since they had a heck of a time getting it in! Finally, a nurse offered to cover my hand in a glove so I could shower. It was rough getting in the shower, but felt great to be clean!

We stayed in the hospital until about 4:30 the next day. I had to ask to leave early, but I’m glad I did since I wasn’t getting any rest with all the doctors and nurses coming in to check on me or Myles. I just wanted to sleep in my own bed and not be disturbed. Our first few days at home have been great. Myles is a champ sleeper and is nursing really well. We’ve spent a lot of time resting (except for S’s birthday party two days after we got home) and learning how to be a family of four…which, with a newborn that sleeps all the time, has been a really easy transition. I’m healing well, the stitches were painful for a few days, but my inflatable doughnut really helps to sit on. I was given Vicodin to help with the pain and it really messed me up. Made me all kinds of loopy and weepy. I decided I’d rather deal with the pain instead of taking it and I really feel much better. I can’t say I’ve had much post-partum baby blues like I did with S. I’ve had a few bouts of crying, but mostly just because I’m so happy to have Myles here and knowing that I have the best husband in the world. J was so supportive during my labor and delivery and has been wonderful about taking care of Sophia and Myles while I recover. I sure picked the best father for our little ones!

The whole experience with Myles was completely different than it was with S. I can finally see why people have lots of babies. If I knew every baby would be like him, we might have a few more! We’re so in love with our little man. Welcome to the world baby Myles!

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Proud to announce that our ‘little’ man finally made his appearance on June 29, 2011. His name is Myles and he weighed in at 10 lbs., 10 oz. and was 20 inches long with a head full of brown hair. He decided to come on his own, but cut it VERY close to his induction date! I’ll post my birth story later (once I have time to write it!), but here are a few pictures to tide you over. We are so in love with our little cuddlebug. He’s a sleeper (and a keeper!), that’s for sure…

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