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Birthday Girl

Happy THIRD Birthday to our little Miss S! Can’t believe my baby is three. She’s definitely hit a maturity growth spurt, complete with comments that come out of her mouth that I can’t believe she thought of on her own, more self-will and independence and well, just acting more and more like a grown up little lady.

We were supposed to have her big birthday bash today, but given baby brother’s unwillingness to make his appearance, we postponed it until next weekend so we can celebrate in style. We weren’t sure if we’d be in the hospital today or not, so we kept it low-key and (so unlike us) did spur-of-the-moment kind of things today.

We’ve been driving past a park that is a little further away from our house, but still within walking distance and we’ve always said we should check out that park someday. Well, today was a beautiful day for a walk to the “new” park and S was game to take a long jaunt (complete with her Dora backpack) to explore new places. Daddy and S had fun playing on all the new playground equipment and I sat in the shade and hung out with C-dog.

After a little snack and some water, we headed back home. S actually let me push her in the stroller, so she must have had a good time and needed a little rest!

After birthday “naps” (mommy needed one, too!), we pulled the cover off the pool and S spent a good hour in there splashing around.  She also enjoyed showing off her big-girl manicure and pedicure that mommy gave her the day before.

Then we watched a Dora video and got dinner ready. J made us a tasty dinner the night before so we had leftovers.

Her big cake is reserved for the party, so we picked up these cute cupcakes at the grocery store to still be able to have some cake and sing happy birthday on her actual birthday.

And what’s a birthday without a few presents?

And if that wasn’t enough, after dinner and presents, Daddy took her for a birthday bike ride in her “princess carriage”. Now she’s washing off the day (and the sunscreen) in her “birthday bath”.

I can’t wait for her big shindig next weekend, but I’m glad we did some special things today to celebrate her third birthday. Apparently, a baby brother was not on her wish list for today 😉

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Um…41 Weeks?!?

Well, so much for the “going early” theory. Guess this little guy is just too comfy in there. Believe me, I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get him out (ok, everything except castor oil…not going there). This past week has been a rollercoaster for me. I went from thinking “ok, he’s coming tonight” almost every night to trying to psych myself out thinking he’s NOT coming tonight. I’d wake up each morning having a hard time comprehending that I hadn’t gone into labor the night before. Seriously, what is the deal?

Given that I’m at the official ONE WEEK OVERDUE status today, I had the requisite medical tests completed. An ultrasound to measure the aminiotic fluid levels and then a Non-Stress Test. Baby passed both with flying colors, leading me to think he’s about to set up shop in my belly for the rest of his life. GET OUT!! 

And to think I could already be holding my new little one in my arms…the original plan was to induce me earlier this week because my doctor was on-call at the hospital. The more I thought about it (and researched googled about) inductions, the more I wanted to wait to see if he comes naturally. So, we postponed the induction and here I sit with my inside baby. Wahhh!

We’ll see what happens over the weekend. If baby still hasn’t given up his comfy digs, then I’ll make my way in for another NST and we’ll set the induction date for sometime next week. I know my body knows how to do this, it just needs to start kicking things into action. Maybe my pity-pedicure I had tonight will set those labor gears a’ turnin’. Cross your fingers (and toes) for me!

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40 Weeks

Well, we made it. 40 weeks of fun. Ok, maybe not all of them, but for the most part, this has been a pretty good pregnancy. I would say though, that I had more scares with this one, especially worried after I was spotting earlier on and also having the u/s tech tell me that my placenta was low-lying at the anatomy scan at 20 weeks. Luckily, those were the only major things I had to deal with with this little one and those issues cleared themselves up eventually. I know it could have been a lot worse.

I had my 40 week appointment on Tuesday. All is well with baby. Heartbeat still strong at 140 bpm. Such a comforting sound to hear, even after all these weeks. My doctor, after measuring my huge baby bump, proclaimed that he doesn’t have any more room in there. Good, let’s get him out then! He now has an official evacuation date, so at least the end is in sight. I just hope he decides to come out on his own.

I had a few contractions on Saturday morning, but they faded after about an hour. Just a little cramping now and then. We’ve been walking as a family at night, trying to get something started. I’ve never shyed away from spicy foods, and I have plans to buy some pineapple tomorrow. My neighbor mentioned the walking on the curb method, which I hadn’t heard of before, but just might try if baby isn’t here by his official due date this Thursday. Might have to try that one at night, though…what a funny sight to see a pregnant lady walking up and down on the curb!

I feel like he’s dropped quite a bit. Tuesday morning I woke up barely able to walk and felt a lot of pressure. Let’s hope he’s making his final moves and getting into position! No other real labor symptoms. Just feeling major nesting urges. My kitchen has pretty much been scoured from top to bottom. I do a load of laundry once a day. Today I washed all the bedding in the house. I think the nesting bug is affecting J as well, he’s been very busy working on his own to-do list around the house.

S had some fun today picking out a toy for her new baby brother. It was J’s suggestion, and I thought it was a great idea and S loved shopping for her little brother. I can’t wait to see her hold him and give him kisses!

Conversation with J now centers around the quickest route to the hospital and giving each other looks of “any time now”. I worry every time I get up in the middle of the night (which is at least two times now) that my water is going to break (or trickle) like it did with S. For some reason, I picture labor starting in the middle of the night like it did with S, but I should prepare myself that it can happen at any time of day.

Here’s hoping for a trip to the hospital soon!

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Wild Ride

Last night was pretty scary. If you’re local, I’m sure you’ve heard about (or experienced) the heavy storms that rumbled across our area Wednesday night. Reports of funnel clouds, heavy winds knocking out windows, downing trees and power lines, that kind of storm. So, where was this momma and Miss S during these storms? Safe at home? (where ironically the NOAA Weather Radio is located…yes, I’m pretty cautious about severe weather!) Um, nope. Guess again… We were actually DRIVING HOME IN IT. omg. I have never been so scared in my life.

My “emergency” trip to Target started off with no severe weather in the area. While we were shopping, however, it started to rain. When we left the store, it was raining and the skies were dark. I buckled S in to her car seat and tried to get us home as quickly as possible. I wasn’t a mile down the road from Target when I heard the weather sirens. A few minutes later I had to turn our car around because there was a downed tree in the middle of the road.

We took a different route home, me trying to avoid streets with lots of trees (kind of difficult when you’re driving through the country!), praying that they would not fall on our car. I was driving as fast as I could while still being cautious and swerving every now and then to avoid fallen tree branches in the road. All the while trying not to freak out so S will stay relatively calm, although S knows what’s up. I think she was alarmed at how windy it was. And the radio weather report didn’t help when they said TORNADO WARNING and S kept repeating “TORNADO, MOMMY! They said TORNADO!”

My 15 minute drive home seemed like an eternity. The funny thing is, I wasn’t the only one on the roads. Lots of people were caught in this storm just like us, all of us scurrying to get home safely. I finally turned into my neighborhood and all the houses were dark. So was mine, as J was already downstairs with Cooper. I rushed S into the house and down to the basement and we waited out 15 more minutes until the warning was over.

I was pretty shaken up, but trying not to freak out in front of S. I know it bothered her though because she kept talking about the trees in the road. I’m just so, so glad that we are all ok. Such a frightening experience that I hope I never have to endure again.

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39 Weeks

The end is near…I hope! One more week of this pregnancy gig. Dealing with the insane temps (95 degrees) as I finish out the last week of my school year in an un-air conditioned school has been miserable. Although I lucked out with an office with a giant window, it doesn’t do much good just letting in hot air.

Surprisingly, my feet aren’t as swollen as I figured they would be with the humidity. They are a little puffy, but nowhere near the marshmallow status they were with S.

I’ve been dealing with off and on nighttime (and sometimes all.day.long, like Tuesday) cramping of my lower back and abdomen. Monday night it was so bad I woke up at 3:30 am unable to sleep anymore and took some tylenol. They persisted off and on during the day on Tuesday. At my scheduled appointment that day, the NP checked me and I’m still at 1 cm (darn!) but now 50% effaced. Can’t these cramps be doing something to help me out?? My NP gave me two options, either go home and rest or go home and take a brisk walk to see if things start happening. I was kind of surprised, so I said, “Do you really think I’m at that point where things could start happening?” Crazy! Given that it was sweltering HOT when I left the doctor and that I discovered my car had a flat tire, I opted for the NO BRISK WALK choice. Yup, a flat tire. Being all former-girl-scout and all, I drove my car to a nearby gas station and tried to fill the tire with air. Didn’t really help, so I called AAA. They sent a tow-truck operator to help. I’ve been toting my hospital suitcase around in the trunk, so I moved it to the front seat for easier access to the spare tire. The first thing the guy said when he arrived was “were you traveling?” I’m sure I looked quite the sight…hot, sweaty about-to-pop pregnant lady and her suitcase in the front seat. After I explained that I was trying to make his job easier, he got it. He put the doughnut on (mmm…doughnuts) and I took my tire to the shop and found out that I’ll need two new tires. I’m hoping they will be delivered today so I can get that taken care of before baby comes!

So, besides the tire frustrations, cramping, lack of sleep, unability to bend down to pick stuff off the floor, the heat, etc., etc., I’m feeling pretty good. Oh, and those lovely pregnancy comments are really helping me feel GREAT these days. I think it should be a law that no one speak to a pregnant lady the last few weeks because inevitibly something stupid will come out of their mouths. And no, miss-nosy-pants co-worker, I do not need to give you an update of my progress after my appointments. Do I ask you what your lady parts are up to? TMI. Besides, those facts are reserved for my loyal blog readers. Not that you really care.

Anyways, I think the hormones and the heat are getting to me as I write this post, so I will sign off.

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Zoo & A Pool

What a glorious weekend! The weather was amazing (finally!) and we spent most of it outdoors. On Saturday, S and I left J with some quiet time at home to finish up some school work. We headed to the place any self-respecting lady would shop…you know, TARGET. I can’t believe I made it out of there having only spent $35.00. (and I only used two coupons 😉 ) Then we did our weekly grocery shopping trip and made it back in time for a dip in S’s new pool. Her baby pool wasn’t going to cut it this summer, so it is safely tucked away for #2 when the time comes. We decided a new pool would be a great birthday gift, so she got to open an early present this year. Here she is splashing around like a little fish. Oh and the puddle jumper? Awesome.

Sunday was forecasted to be a bit cooler than Saturday so I thought it would be the perfect day to visit the zoo. It was our first trip this summer and I couldn’t wait to take S to see the animals and ride the carousel and train. I also packed a special picnic lunch for us. We’ve “played” picnics with her many times, but have never actually gone on a real one, so I thought it would be a nice treat for her. I also figured this would probably be our last big family outing as a family of three, so I wanted to make it special.

my two monkeys…er, orangutans

beware of creeping ostriches on the carousel!

S wasn’t too keen on feeding the goats this year. She probably figured out that…


riding in the caboose! (with the little girl who’s dad put her on the ride and let her go by herself! 😦 )

After our picnic, S found a little friend crawling on the table. She spent more time watching this little caterpillar than she did watching the tiger!


I’m so grateful for a fun weekend with my family! Love my little S and I’m so glad we got to have a real picnic and enjoy some family time together, just us three, before her little brother comes.

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38 Weeks

Guess what, everybody?? It’s JUNE!!! Yes, the page flip of the calendar a few days ago revealed that this is, in fact, the month that I will finally meet the little guy who’s been taking up residence in my belly for the past nine months. I’m ready. I keep telling everyone that he can come at any time. J on the other hand, would prefer his son to wait until AFTER the school year ends (silly exams and end of the year activities), but I’m pretty much finished up with all my school duties for the year, so if he’s planning his evacuation soon, fine by me!

I met with the NP for my weekly appointment on Tuesday. I got to hear the 135 bpm heartbeat and learn that baby is still head down and in proper evacuation position. I had another internal (which hurt a lot this time!) and am still at 1 cm. We talked about who to call when the time comes and that was about it. Hopefully, only two more (or less) appointments to go!

Trying (and mildly succeeding) to keep the house tidy from now until d (delivery)-day. Really looking forward to the nice temps that we’ll have for awhile in our neck of the woods. Last night was amazing sleeping weather and I was only interrupted from my slumber twice for trips to the bathroom. I enjoyed a pedicure last night. Very nice to soak my bloated feet and have a massage. My tootsies are very happy (and pretty!).

Not much else to report. It’s just the waiting game now. I’m about ready to start eating a ton of pineapple and spicy foods! And goodness knows I pass over enough railroad tracks on my way to and from work…bring on the labor dust! 🙂

oh and thanks to all who are voting for him to evacuate prior to the due date in our nifty little poll ————————————–>
this momma and her swollen feet thank you.

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What a weekend. I can’t remember the last time we didn’t head up north for Memorial Day weekend, but this year we were homebound due to little guy’s soon-to-be appearance and my doctor’s kebash on traveling anywhere over an hour away from the hospital. Not that I’d actually WANT to spend more than an hour driving in a car at this point. My 35 minute work commute is plenty for me these days.

So, our weekend sentence to stay at home was actually quite wonderful. No plans really, just relaxing and doing little “get ready for the baby” jobs around the house like making some freezer meals and steaming the curtains in the nursery. Most of the weekend’s weather wasn’t the greatest, overcast and rainy, but Monday let forth an awesome display of HOT summer weather and we definitely partook in all things outdoors.

S and I were out the door by 9:00 and headed to the park. Here we are, the “ladies in blue”. Love this pic because it is probably the last “just mommy & me” pic we’ll take together:

We played for awhile and then headed home for a “snack”, which on this hot day was a blueberry smoothie. I hope to make a lot more of these this summer. Yum! And S loves them (I think mostly because she gets to drink them out of a fun bendy straw, but hey, whatever works, right?).

After our smoothies, I let S know that there was a special surprise waiting for her in her room. She darted up the stairs to find a fun water toy waiting for her under her pillow (I know, I know, pillows are for tooth fairies…I was running out of hiding spaces and I wasn’t about to bend down to put something UNDER her bed for fear I’d never get up again). “Someone put this here, Mommy!”  Awhile back, I had found some fun water toys at Kohls for about $8 each. I snagged a couple for days just like today.
We went outside to blow up the octopus water toy and set it up with the hose (and S donned her swimsuit for the first time this summer)

S was mildly interested after that, so Daddy had to show her how it was done. After that, S had a lot of fun running around and getting sprinkled. I had a lot of fun watching them and taking pictures from the deck. I love watching S run around in her little swimsuit. Hard to believe just a few years ago we helped her splash around for the first time in her baby pool out there!

Then it was lunch al fresco on the deck. I served up our two wet customers while they toweled off.

After lunch, S was ready for a nap and mommy and daddy had a “meet the new baby” party to attend next door (don’t worry, we brought the monitor). We socialized for a bit and I got to hold a two month old baby! squee! I had forgotten all the adorable coos and gurgles they make. Made me very much want to hold our new baby in my arms! 🙂

S is still down for her (now 3+ hour) nap and J is getting the brats prepared for our own little bratfest this evening. Good ‘ol corn on the cob, potato salad and BRATS for our Memorial Day dinner. Yum!

And what summer holiday meal would be complete without red, white and blue cupcakes?

Happy Memorial Day!

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