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Sophia Says

I haven’t done a post like this in awhile. S has come up with some doozey’s lately…too funny not to post!

S at the dinner table: “I’m full.”

Me: “Ok, I guess you don’t have any room left for dessert.”

S pointing to her belly: “There’s a little bit of room right there.”


Me: “It’s bath-y night tonight.”

S: “Are you going to take me a bath?”


S sitting next to me on the couch with her snack cup in hand: “Mommy?”

Me: “Yes?”

S: “I want a snack.”

Me: ????????????

Imagine my surprise when I come around the corner after hearing S say, “Can someone help me with this?” and find her holding a freshly-picked geranium, roots and all…

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When I found out I was pregnant, the design wheels started turning in my head (after all the initial excitement, of course!). I honestly had no idea what I would do for a nursery if we were having another girl since I used up my ideas on S, so my thoughts centered around what a boy’s nursery would look like. Cutesy animals and whimsical baby-themed nurseries aren’t really my style. I wanted something that would grow with him from baby to toddler and beyond because, well, I just don’t have the energy or time (or money!) to devote to re-doing a room every few years.

I knew I wanted black furniture, but that’s about as far as I was getting with the ideas in my head. Then I saw this picture in a Home Decorator’s magazine (sorry about the picture quality…took a picture of a magazine page!)

I loved how the black furniture stood out from the light blue walls. And I thought light blue would be perfect in a little boy’s room, so this became my inspiration pic.

Black and blue. Still needed something else. I came across this mobile and these wall hangings, so I decided to incorporate the indigo color and white for some accents.


We didn’t buy a bedding set this time since I couldn’t find one that I really liked. Plus they are kind of pricey and sort of impractical. Who uses those quilts?? And we all know that bumpers are not safe, so why spend $100+ on some sheets and a dust ruffle? I just found some light blue crib sheets and a dust ruffle at Target that matched the wall color.

I loved how S’s wall border turned out in her room, so I knew we were going to do another one in this baby’s room. Here’s how it turned out (with lots of patience on J’s part with the laser level and some help from mommy and S with the taping)…

We found another convertible crib/furniture set (and are now fully aware of the mattress issues we will face in a few years…) in BLACK. This set is from JC Penney and I got a really good deal on it. Yay for good deals!

J and S had fun setting up the crib. S was such a big help!

Once the walls were painted, the border was finished, all furniture pieces delivered and assembled, it was time to add a few accessories. I originally was going to put up some IKEA shelves above the changing table since there really isn’t any space on the table for anything other than a changing pad. But I wasn’t very pleased with the look of shelves above it, so we made a few adjustments to the changing table to meet our needs. Yes, I realize a wipe warmer isn’t a NECESSITY, but I like knowing that nighttime diaper changes aren’t so shocking (for the baby, at least) and it’s nice to have a place to store the wipes with the convenient pop-up feature. The drawers on the changing table open like this…

so J rigged it so we could plug in the wipe warmer and still close the door without the cord being visible (and we tested it to make sure it wasn’t getting too hot under the furniture!).

I bought a black slip cover for the recliner, found this side table at Kohls (got another great deal), and snagged some picture frames, sail cloth curtains, a throw pillow and a table lamp from Target…

I also painted some wall letters (from Michael’s) white to hang above the crib (which will not be displayed in this post until AFTER baby is born…ah, you thought you could trick me into divulging the name that easily, eh?). And then I found this adorable little elephant from Company Kids. I HAD to have him.

A closet stocked with baby clothes (and I’m proud to say I didn’t pay full price for any of them!), a blue hamper on clearance (repackaged) from Target, my diaper score from amazon, and a spot for a pink diaper champ (still need to move that over from S’s room). Yes, it’s pink. They no longer make these pails like they used to apparently and I wasn’t going to spend $30+ on a new pail that was BLUE that would just sit in the closet.

I think one of my favorite parts of setting up this nursery was when S spied the empty basket (which I got from Lucky Clover Trading Co.) under the side table and said, “He needs some toys in there!” and ran off to get some of her toys to share with her brother. (I think he’s going to LOVE The Little Mermaid book, BTW!)

Here’s the other corner of the room with the dresser. I put blue paper fiber baskets in most of the drawers to help keep all those little baby clothes organized.

And there you have it, a room fit for a king. Well, a small one anyway. 😉 Can’t wait ’til you see your new digs, little man!

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With the transition from one to two kiddos, we had to figure out our mattress situation. S’s bedset converts to a big bed, so we decided that we’d just make her bed bigger using the twin mattress we had stored in the basement and move her crib mattress into the baby’s crib. Nice way to save $100 and utilize stuff we already had.

Or so we thought…

Crib to big girl bed day came and Daddy and S were going about their business (S was a big help and even knew what kind of nut/bolt daddy was using!) of setting everything up.

The frame went up and I said to J, “We’d better measure the mattress and make sure it will fit.” So we measured it lengthwise and it seemed good to go. We hauled the twin out of the basement and upstairs. Placed it on the new bed frame which fit fine lengthwise, but width-wise there was a huge gap. That’s when we realized our mistake. S’s bed didn’t convert to a twin, it converted to a FULL size bed. Oops. No extra full size mattresses around our house. (mind you, I had already bought the mattress pad, sheets, blankets in TWIN size) How could we have missed this? Googling my answer didn’t get me much since her bedset is no longer being made. I did, however, discover another issue that we’d be dealing with in our big girl bed saga…the HEIGHT of the box spring + mattress was super high. So many complaints on websites about how impossible it was for kids to get up on it and how ridiculous it looked. When we purchased her set, it was a new product and no one had a chance to discover this nasty little issue of the frame height.

Little Miss S was happy as a clam in her new um, half-bed. Notice the death-trap to her right…(we later dubbed this the “danger zone” and put a thick comforter and pillows over it to protect her from any possible rolling over in the middle of the night)

Our next mission was to find a cheap full size mattress. (remember our thought process in all this was to *save* money) We ended up finding one for sale at a  nearby warehouse. We didn’t get the box spring because we were (trying to save money) and worried about the height issue. The bed frame came with slats and my internet research said that for a kid, it might work just to use the mattress without a box spring. So, that’s what we tried (and in the meantime, my new order of correctly sized sheets arrived and a new mattress pad was purchased). It worked fine for 30 lb. little S, but when mommy or daddy tried to crawl in to read a bedtime story, we could hear the slats start to creak. We didn’t push our luck and decided that, yes, in fact, we DID need a box spring to make it a fully functioning bed. Poor S couldn’t even jump on her new bed for fear of breaking it. Geesh.

So my search continued as I tried to find a CHEAP (as our money flies out the window in this money-saving endeavor) LOW PROFILE box spring. I found one for just over $100 at a store that I really would rather not name. If you are curious, it starts with a “W” and ends with an “art”. Ugh. As much as I despise that store, the item price and site to store free delivery got me. I was also feeling a time crunch by my ever-expanding belly and just wanted this whole ordeal taken care of. I placed the order and we went to pick it up the following week.

Day of pick up. I steeled myself for entry into said icky store. I marched to the back of the store to the pick up counter. There was a sign that said “touch screen for assistance” with an arrow pointing down…except there was no screen below it. Twiddled my thumbs a bit just wanting to grab our box spring and run. Finally Mr. Manager comes out and processes my order. He tells me they’ll bring the box spring out front. Lovely. I practically run out of the store. I hop in the back seat with S and let J deal with the rope tieing. All of a sudden I hear J yell, “A, you better come look at this.” Turns out, lovely store managed to deliver a box spring with a huge rip in the plastic and nice greasy black smear all over the end of the box spring. I should have known I was pressing my luck by purchasing something from here. Back into the store I go to return crappy box spring. This took about 200 hours because they were all confused that it was an internet order and couldn’t figure out how to return it. After waiting an eternity, they finally figure it out and start pulling out cash bills from the register for my refund. Um, hello!?! How about refunding me on my credit card since that’s how I originally purchased it? At this point, pregnant momma had had enough. I grumbled my complaint and something about how I hate shopping here…blah blah blah and stormed out with my wad of cash. Never.shopping.here.again.EVER!

Totally fed up, my frantic internet search lead me to Sears (sound trumpets from heaven and cue the angels). Although I had to pay $60 for shipping, I didn’t care when our box spring was delivered right to my house by two nice men and arrived fully intact and not a smudge on it. We set it up and J and I cautiously looked at each other. Did we dare possibly ruin this sweet moment by a broken bed? J took the plunge first and not a creak was heard. Whew! Then S climbed on (just barely!) and had a good jump and quickly ducked under her covers for a snuggle. FINALLY!! FULL SIZED BIG GIRL BED SUCCESS! (and a few extra $100 down the drain.)  Saving, schmaving, I guess. At least we’ll be prepared when we deal with this with #2!

S has now enjoyed a few weeks of sleeping in her brand-new big girl bed. And mommy and daddy have indulged in a snuggle and storytime with her as well without causing any slats to break.  Glad our little lady can enjoy her bed.  And, hey, we saved $100 in re-using the crib mattress, right??

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37 Weeks

This week’s appointment brought good news: GBS test was negative, BP, urine are fine and I’m measuring right at 37 weeks. I love that I have the green light pass now at the doctor’s office and I can just breeze (ok, WADDLE) past the check-in and right up to the bathroom in my OB’s office. Who knew peeing in a cup could be such a challenge! When you haven’t seen below your belly button in a few months, it can be quite the procedure.

I had my doctor guesstimate the weight of this little guy. She guessed (by pushing a prodding my belly and comparing it to a bag of sugar) that he’d be about 8 lbs. I’m pretty sure that she guessed S would be a higher weight than she actually was, so we’ll see. Little guy didn’t care for the pushing from the doc and was squirming all over the place. His HB was in the 150’s when she checked him with the doppler after all that.

I feel ready and not ready for this guy to come. We have the big “to-do” things taken care of…now it’s more a question of how much longer I can stand (or sit) being at that uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. J and I were talking one night about all the newborn stuff we remembered going through with S. And then we talked about the labor and delivery part and then about the recovery part and I got a little nervous. It’s so easy to forget about all those crazy things that happen. I think the part that makes me the most nervous is that labor and delivery are so unpredictable. You have no idea when it’s going to start or how it’s going to go. This is very disconcerting for a planner-type person like me. I just have to relax and trust that everything will work out.

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It’s almost the end of May and I finally feel like we’ve had a summer-like weekend. Although rain and storms threatened to cancel any outside plans, we still managed to sneak in a decent amount of time outdoors this weekend. It started with dinner al fresco at a Mexican restaurant. S came home from daycare and said, “We’re going to the outside restaurant!” (Daddy had clued her in) S enjoyed eating her chips outside and sipping on some pineapple juice while mommy enviously peered at all the margarita drinks that the waiters carried by on trays.

Saturday brought a stroller ride with Daddy to tour a house that was built by students from his school. (Mommy was off on a secret mission to meet with the cake shop in regards to a certain someone’s special THIRD birthday cake). I’m told that this is how S appeared after Daddy asked her to go put some shoes on…girl’s got style, that’s for sure.

Daddy and S returned to the house just before some rain showers pelted our area. Later that day when the rain had stopped, we brought out the patio furniture and had dinner on our deck for the first time in a long time. S was a little surprised (I think she’d forgotten how we used to eat outside a lot last summer) and said, “Are we eating out HERE?”

Sunday morning was spent with S helping water Mommy’s flowers, “pedaling” her trike and setting up her water table while Daddy mowed the grass. After a tasty mac n’ cheese and grapes lunch, S and Mommy took a nap while Daddy cleaned the garage. I can’t decide if I was more excited about taking a nap or J cleaning the garage. Seriously. I even had time to organize my coupon binder before S awoke from her nap. Then the whole family headed to the park (much to S’s delight) and we had fun swinging, climbing, sliding and monkey-baring around…well, S did and we just watched. (oh yeah, and we brought the pinwheel ’cause it was so windy!)

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36 Weeks

Four more weeks! Things are looking good for baby and me. At my appointment on Tuesday baby had a strong heartbeat at 140 bpm (higher than it normally is for him) and I’m measuring on track. My doctor did the GBS test and the first internal for this pregnancy. I’m at 1 cm! Not much, but at least my body is doing something. I haven’t felt any Braxton Hicks contractions with this pregnancy. I didn’t ever feel any with  S either.

I actually slept through the entire night on Tuesday. This is quite the feat since either S or my body’s need to go to the bathroom (or both!) have me up a few times every night. I woke up in the morning wondering what happened!

A few minor heartburn episodes, swollen feet that come and go, but really, just feeling BIG. Getting S dressed, reading with her, playing with her on the floor are challenging for me. S and I planted some flowers last weekend and I made her do all the dirty work since she’s closer to the ground…not that she minded, especially with her Dora gardening gloves! 🙂

Baby boy’s nursery is basically complete. Waiting on a throw pillow for the chair and I need to steam the curtains and dust ruffle. The big thing this weekend is making some space in the freezer so I have some room for the meals that I plan on making next weekend. I also need to finish packing my hospital bag. Other than that, I think we are pretty well set to meet this new little one!

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Well, today officially marks the 35/35 point. I’m 35 weeks along and only 35 more days until the due date. “June 16th” is probably the most repeated phrase out of my mouth these days as people inquire when this baby is supposed to make his appearance. I was five days late with S. Not that it really matters because every baby is different, but people seem to want to know that, too (usually the next question after “when are you due?”)

We are experiencing an overnight summer heatwave in WI right now. Which would explain why my ankles have decided to resemble marshmallows all of a sudden. Trying to drink as much water as possible and prop my feet up under my desk when I can. Got to love the timing on that one…finally can wear flip flops and sandals…and expose my lovely feet! 😛

Along with those swollen tootsies, my ribs have been causing me some irritation as well. My chest and my upper rib cage are colliding due to the basketball in my belly, which makes for a rather uncomfortable feeling. I’ve been trying to sit up straight with my shoulders back as much as possible.

Keeping up with work, the house, prepping for a new baby and taking care of S leave me one tired momma at night. It’s so hard because I think those nesting instincts are kicking in and all I want to do when I get home is straighten everything up when I really should be propping my feet up and resting.

Trying not to think about how crazy our lives will be in five short weeks! It is an exciting time, but I’m not sure I’m mentally ready yet for the whole labor and delivery experience, the feedings, pumping, and everything that comes along with a newborn! I am, however, very excited to meet our little guy and hold and cuddle and smooch a teeny tiny little baby.

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34 Weeks

and counting…

holysmokes the end is fast approaching! I feel like I have an overwhelming amount of things to do.  This time around, I took a rather nonchalant approach to this whole “expecting a baby” thing and it’s catching up with me fast! Luckily, the room (that he won’t do much in except have his diaper changed for the first half year of his life, I’m sure) is almost complete. I made J hang up the curtains last week. Yes, it HAD to be done right that very minute, thankyouverymuch. Now on to better things like sterilizing pump parts and bottles and making a few freezer meals to tide us over those first few weeks as a family of four.

Omgosh. A family of four. I have trouble remembering what it is like to have such a teeny tiny little baby around. I know S is going to seem like a giant compared to her little brother. And my daydreams about this little guy have him doing nothing but make those adorable cooing sounds and sleeping most of the time. ‘Cause that’s how he’s really going to be like, right? I mean, after Miss Can’t Miss Out on Any Action, Constantly AWAKE little S, we are due for a relatively CALM baby, yes? Please??

Sugar seems to be what the little guy needs. My coworkers helped out with that last week and had a little cake and punch shower for me after school. The punch was BLUE (courtesy of some Kool Aid), which I thought was so cute. And the cake? Mmmm…let’s just say Costco might have a new member soon.

Next week I start my weekly visits to the doctor. I’m in the process of packing the hospital bag to have handy in my car, just in case. Such a strange feeling right now of wanting the last few weeks to go as quickly and as slowly as possible!

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33 Weeks

Big and getting bigger! Both of us. The little guy seems to enjoy trying to make the most of his ever-shrinking space in there. Watching my stomach at night is rather entertaining. Most of his movements seem to be pushing out sideways, which is a nice change from the vertical stretching that S was prone to do…ouch!

Tonight we got to see where the new guy is going to make his debut appearance. We took a birthing center tour at our hospital. It was designed for families with small children, so that was kind of fun for S. She enjoyed holding the ‘baby’ and bouncing on the ‘peanut’ labor ball. Turns out, one of her pals from daycare is also going to be a big sibling and we were pleasantly surprised to find that S had a little friend to accompany her on the tour! Walking around the hospital was rather surreal…hard to believe we’ll be there next month with a new little bundle.

Other than getting all huffy and puffy walking up and down the stairs, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I find I get little nesting spurts here and there, which is nice since we’ve got a lot to get done yet before the little man arrives. His room is taking shape.  All the furniture is here and assembled. (and all the packing material is ALMOST gone…takes a long time to recycle all that in our tiny bin!)  Just need pictures, curtains and shelves hung up, but that’s not my job! 🙂

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