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This Easter was so much fun. S totally “got” the Easter Bunny thing which is a good thing since he brought her like 30 bazillion eggs to find, along with not one, but TWO  Easter baskets  (hey, Grandma and Grandpa like to get their spoil on, too!) filled with goodies.

We spent two fun-filled days at my parents’ house where we completed all the requisite Easterly duties…you know, like dyeing eggs, hunting for plastic eggs (indoors, mind you, it’s still a bit chilly and soggy outdoors in WI), making a bunny cake (more on that later), locating Easter baskets and of couse, attending church in a supercute frock, along with a tasty Easter meal. All in a few days work…

We took lots of pictures and I think it’s safe to say that the ear-to-ear grin in most of the pics is a pretty good indicator that this year’s Easter was a big hit with little Miss S. Either that or that girl was just hyped up on all the sugar she ingested over those two days. Time for a detox, I think!

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Week 31

Moving right along with this pregnancy and getting another week closer to delivery day. Hard to believe we’ll have a new little bundle in our arms in less than two months!

The nursery is coming along nicely. Got the border painted (yes, I said painted) last weekend. That was a job. It looks great, but the whole time I was thinking THANK GOODNESS this is the last one. I don’t think I could get another nursery ready with TWO kiddos running around. It was enough to have S mingling around wanting to help tape…not to mention when I finally took out the paint.

We are still waiting on the changing table which was on backorder. Should arrive any day and then things will be pretty complete. I’ll post pics when everything is finished!

I’m typing today with a bling-less left ring finger. Earlier this week I was finding myself juuuussst squeezing my wedding ring on. I figured it was best not to press my luck and risk getting that sucker stuck on there, so I’ve left it off for the past two days. Very happy I made it to April, though!

My ankles are toying with me, getting just puffy enough at the end of the day to make me think that I’ll have to endure the marshmallow feet for the next two months. Luckily after a night off my feet, they are back to normal by morning. I hope this trend continues into skirt/sandal season!

I’m sooo looking forward to next week because Idon’thavetowork. Yippeee! S and I have lots of plans, most of them counted for the weather to be a bit nicer than what Mr. Weatherman is predicting, but that’s ok. I know we’ll have a blast. Kind of our last mommy/daughter time before her sibling arrives, so I’m going to try to cherish every moment!

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30 Weeks

I’m officially 30 weeks today and feeling it. Is it too soon to call “10 more weeks” the home stretch?? Got my first tingling arm/hand sensation a few days ago and worried that the carpal tunnel was coming back. Seems the hand numbness isn’t that bad (yet), but now I have pretty strong hip/leg pain. It comes and goes, but when it’s around, it’s very uncomfortable. I started sleeping with my Boppy noodle pillow and that seems to help stabilize me at night.

I feel like I’m getting bigger by the minute. Baby boy continues to be active and can really get to squirming around in there, which makes for some fun work meetings. I’m sure everyone is wondering what I’m grinning about.

I took my one-hour glucose tolerance test last week but haven’t heard anything from my doctor. I’m guessing no news is good news. In a few weeks, I’ll start going to the doctor every other week. Ah, the fun “visit the bathroom first” appointments begin!

Aside from clothing and nursery furniture, we haven’t had to make many purchases for the baby, but we did buy THIS. I just ordered it yesterday and I’m so excited about it. They didn’t have these when S was a newborn, but it sounds like an amazing product. Since baby will stay in our room a lot, this will be much less cumbersome than the co-sleepers I was looking at. I love that it is portable and seems to induce sleep. I so hope this little guy is a good sleeper, unlike his big sister!

Speaking of big sister, S is really getting in to the baby thing. She loves putting her hands on my belly and asking, “Is he kicking me?” Her other favorite thing is to bring her stool into the nursery and stand on it to look at the mobile over the crib. She always asks to turn the music on. She’s going to be a great big sister!

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