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28 Weeks

March 25, 2011

This was a good week in pregnancy land. I had an ultrasound yesterday to check to see if the low-lying placenta I was diagnosed with at 20 weeks had moved up. Sure enough, it did its job and moved out of the way so I can (hopefully) have a “regular” delivery. I was pretty sure things would be ok, as I found out a lot of women are told they have a low-lying placenta at the anatomy scan because they’re done so early in pregnancy. And nine times out of ten, the placenta grows up along with the uterus with no problems. Nonetheless, I was pretty happy to hear the ultrasound tech tell me that I wouldn’t need a c-section!

Baby boy’s heartbeat was “nice and strong” at 146 bpm. He wasn’t too cooperative having his picture taken though so no fun pictures to look at. Oh well, I’ll take the good news any day! Plenty of time for photo shoots later.  His head is down, which explains the poking/pushing sensations I feel on the right side of my belly. Little guy is stretching out his legs.

I’ve been feeling more and more tired lately. Busy days at work make for a tired pregnant momma when I get home. J has been great about doing more bedtime things with S to occupy her. I can’t lift her up anymore so she can spit out her “big-girl” toothpaste in the sink, so J does the teeth brushing.

I’ve somehow managed to sleep without my pregnancy pillow this go-around. Although I use the term “sleep” loosely. I’m usually up once or twice at night visiting the bathroom. I didn’t realize that having children would mean about six solid years of interrupted sleep! 🙂

Rings still slide on ok and ankles are still visible. I’m really ready for spring weather to dig into my “new” maternity wardrobe…getting tired of wearing the same pants and shirts. Only 12 more weeks of pregnancy (give or take)!

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26 Weeks

March 9, 2011

This was an interesting week of my pregnancy. After my last check-up and having to step on the scale at the doctor’s office, I decided that I needed to start doing more exercising. Nothing hardcore, just walking and a few things to get me moving. We are still snow-covered in WI, so walking outside didn’t seem that appealing to me. I decided to make use of the elliptical machine we have in the basement. I did pretty well for a few nights. Got on it for about 15 minutes each time and didn’t push myself. Apparently, my body was not happy about that and I had some bleeding and cramping a few days later. I went in to my doctor and she did some tests. She determined that it was probably due to my recent exercising and said, “This is probably the only time a doctor will tell you NOT to exercise.” And that was that. I haven’t had any bleeding since and the cramping has gone away, thank goodness. I think I’ll stick to walking outside for the rest of this pregnancy!

It’s been fun to have S get more into the baby thing. She now puts her hands on my belly wanting to feel baby brother kick. She’ll say, “sorry baby brother” when she bumps into my belly. I think she’s going to be a great big sister.

I’m still able to wear my wedding ring (something I had to take off much earlier with S) and I’m happy to report that I haven’t noticed any ankle swelling yet. I’m just waiting for that one…just in time for skirts and flip flops. I’m sure all my students will be asking about my swollen ankles just like last time. One thing I remembered the other day was that I suffered from pregnancy carpal tunnel in my wrists with S. I haven’t had any symptoms of this with baby boy. Cravings are still anything sweet. I think the salt cravings were a little better for my body. At least I would eat a salad (with salt) or vegetables (with salt) and not so many sweet things!

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25 Weeks

March 3, 2011

I’ve officially reached the “feeling big” stage of pregnancy. Getting up off the sofa or from a sitting position now requires supporting myself with a hand and pushing off of the back of the chair. S is finding less room to sit in my lap and bending down to pick something up causes me to wonder if I really need that item on the floor or if I can just let it be.

Baby boy seems to be occupying his time in the womb by stretching and kicking and doing all sorts of movement. It’s hard to remember how much I felt S move when I was pregnant with her, but I would say that her brother is a little squirmer! During storytime the other night, little brother was kicking quite a bit so I asked S if she wanted to feel him. She laughed as she put her hand on my belly and said, “He’s kicking me!” I also told her that when her brother comes out, he’s going to cry a lot and won’t be ready to play with her right away. She looked at me very serious and stuck her hands, palms upward, out at her sides and said, “And I’ll say, What’s wrong baby brother?”

I had a prenatal appointment last week and all is well. Heartbeat was about 150 bpm. I have my glucose tolerance test at my next appointment. Goo and needles. Can’t wait.

Cravings have now switched from the salty to anything SWEET! Ice cream, chocolate, doughnuts, cadbury eggs…so many things I should never eat! Trying to curb the unnessary eating and also get going on exercising a bit more. I used our elliptical machine the other day. I need to keep up with that until the weather gets nice enough to walk outside.

Nursery is coming along. The chest was delivered the other day and looks great against the blue walls. Now we are just waiting on the backordered changing table and to start painting the border. Oh, and moving the computer out of the room!

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A few weeks ago, the Shrine Circus was in town. J and I thought it would be fun to take S to her very first circus. Now, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been to the circus and my first thoughts when I went to order tickets were “oh, they can’t be THAT much.” Well, they were more than I was expecting, but I guess everything’s more expensive these days, right?? At least they were cheaper than Sesame Street LIVE tickets. I’m going to have to start saving up for that event for next year!

As any circus-goer knows, there’s tons of stimulation at the circus, from bright colors, loud music, animals, balloons, oh, and cotton candy and light-up musical butterfly wands. What? You didn’t know about the butterfly wands at the circus? Well, if you’re two and half, you HAVE to have one of these. I’m pretty sure S could have been seated at a spelling bee instead of the circus and would have been just as thrilled to have a butterfly music wand in her hand. Who needs the circus? Oh, and the cotton candy? Super.big.hit. See?

Some footage of the “first cotton candy experience”:

We had a lot of fun and S got to see elephants, jumping motorcycles, acrobats, lions, tigers and bears…oh my! Ok, maybe not lions and bears. But there were some funny clown poodles that diverted S’s attention away from her butterfly light and cotton candy for a few minutes!

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