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21 Weeks

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a weekly pregnancy update. This is mostly due to the fact that our laptop bit the dust and I had all my pregnancy journals saved on there. The computer guy took his sweet time fixing our laptop and even though we now have our laptop debugged, we still need to locate the disks to reload everything. Which will take awhile.

In the meantime, I’m deciding to carry on with my posts, least I forgot all the muy importante details of this pregancy.

So, here I am at 21 weeks. After last week of finding out the gender (psst…it’s a BOY!), J and I have been pretty excited. And I’ve been a little ambitious in the nursery decorating department. We now have the walls painted (just need to add the painted border) and the furniture ordered. I’m so excited to start putting the room together!

This week, I’ve finally started feeling the belly. In more ways than one. I’ve been feeling baby boy move and kick around for quite a few weeks now, but lately he’s been stretching and moving so much. It’s so fun to feel those movements and gives me a chance to really reflect on the little person growing inside me. Honestly, I still have to remind myself that I’m pregnant this time around. I’m just so busy with work and life in general that I’m not as preoccupied with being pregnant this time. So, those kicks are a nice little way to step back and think about the little guy once and awhile. I’ve also finally started to feel ‘big’. Oh, I know it only gets better from here on out, but I’ve found that getting up from a lying position now requires a little bit more effort. Speaking of that, I need to take a pic or two of the bump status. I always seem to forget to do that when I have an acceptable outfit on (read: not an outfit that I dive into as soon as I get home).

Besides the belly getting bigger, my only other complaint right now is these insane leg/foot cramps! They are so bad that they wake me out of my slumber some nights.

Other than that, I’ve been feeling really good. Over halfway there! 🙂

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Week 17

January 9, 2011

It’s been a good week in bump land. Our little one has been letting me know of its presence more and more. The flutters are getting bigger. I can’t wait until they turn into big kicks so J can start to see/feel them, too!

I had my monthly appointment this week. All is well with me and with the baby. Only a 3 lb. weight gain since my last appointment, which I was happy about. Then I saw the NP and she was even happier about it and said that’s great considering it was over the holidays. Yay! Got to hear the heartbeat, which was 153 bpm. I love hearing that sound! I also had some routine bloodwork done to test for neural tube defects. I’m getting much better about being poked with needles, but it’s still not fun for me.

My energy is up, which is probably why I’ve been impatient about getting the nursery ready for the baby. We are converting our last bedroom (which served as our office/guest room for the past 5 years) into a baby room. We’ve got a lot of, well, junk, to clean out of there, since that room became our ‘catch-all’ room over the years. My parents came down this past weekend to help us take a few trips to Goodwill and move some bigger items like a file cabinet and bookshelves. It feels great to have started on that project.

Only a few more weeks until we find out if S will have a baby brother or a baby sister!

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16 Weeks

January 1, 2011

16 weeks. Well, we survived December with all its craziness and fun. Ringing in the New Year was pretty uneventful for this pregnant lady. I sipped on my sparkling grape juice and thought about how lucky we are to have a wonderful daughter and a new addition arriving in the coming year. How our lives are going to change!

Speaking of our soon to be new arrival, I’m fairly certain I’ve been feeling the little one move around. I notice it mostly when I’m sitting still (which is a rare event these days) and all of a sudden I’ll notice this brief sensation that slightly takes my breath away. Not because it’s a painful feeling or anything, but just that I can tell something is moving around in there, like a little pang or twinge. And based on the ultrasound I had a few weeks ago, little one is diligently practicing kicks and other gymnastic moves in there! I can’t wait until those movements become stronger and others can start to feel baby from the outside.

I’m definitely rocking the baby bump now…no more question on if I’m pregnant or just adding pounds around my middle. And my belly button has popped just the slightest. If it’s anything like it was with S, I know it will be around to stay. I’m ok with the belly button…as long as my ankles decide to wait a bit longer before swelling up!

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Week 14

 December 18, 2010

We let the cat a little more out of the bag this week and told J’s parents about the new baby. S did her big sisterly duty of being our mini billboard and donning an adorable shirt I found on etsy. She still has no idea what is coming!

I’ve been feeling good despite this nagging cough that I seemed to have picked up from S.  Energy seems to be returning. I still have to remind myself that I’m pregnant sometimes. With S, I noticed every little cramp or twinge and worried about every little thing. This time, I’m so busy with working and being a mom that I rarely have time to think about being pregnant.  I guess I better start thinking about it soon or baby will arrive without a room or place to sleep!

I’m still able to lay on my stomach and my wedding ring still fits. J I’m hoping to find an exercise class soon so I can get some activity. No way am I going to walk outside in the ice and frigid temps. So far, second tri is looking good!

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Snow Day

Ok, so I’m a few days late posting about the Blizzard of ’11. Better late than never, right? All of our schools, including S’s, we closed for the day so we got to enjoy the whole fam being home this past Wednesday. I think the total was 13 inches, but that was added to the 5 inches we had gotten the day before. Needless to say, lots and lots of snow. And it was the blowing kind so we ended up with huge drifts right in front of our driveway. J shoveled us out that morning but there was no way we were making it past the end of our driveway. The city plow even got stuck trying to get rid of the drifts that afternoon!

So what did we do with our day? S started us off with some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. My kind of girl.

Then we moved to “markering”. The window kind, which is oh-so-fun if you’re two and a half.

Then we “crafted”. If you call pulling a bag of cotton balls out of the medicine cabinet and scrounging around for an old glue stick “crafting”.

And that was all while Dadda was outside clearing the drift that was our driveway…

It was hard to get good shots of the damage, but here’s one of our backyard.

And the snow mountains created by the plow across from our house.

It was a few days until we actually got to go outside and play in all that snow. The blizzard was followed by insanely cold temps. Today was nice, though. Well, nice enough to venture outdoors for a little ‘exercise’ as S called it.

S had a blast picking up the snowballs and putting them in her sled to pull around. We collected some from all around the block.

Then she scaled the snowy mountain again.

And asked Bob the Builder to come help her move the heavy snowballs. Ok, that was mommy’s suggestion, but she went with it. Gotta get those men to do their share. But he never came so we called it a morning and pulled the snowballs home.

And now this momma’s making an executive decision that it’s nap time (for me). House work can wait. Seeing as how we now have groceries in the house and three loads of laundry are folded, I think I’ve earned it. Gotta rest up for the big game tomorrow!

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sick & snow

We just can’t seem to avoid getting the sickies every winter. And poor Miss S seems to get sick just in time for the weekend. For the past two Fridays, our nights have been spent consoling a sick little toddler. Last week it was strep. S was cranky and miserable. This week, it was throwing up. Over and over again. We weren’t sure if it was just unsettled food or if it was the flu. She really didn’t have any other symptoms. No fever or anything. So, daddy held her while I did triage in the bedroom and stripped all the bedding, cleaned the floor and all that fun stuff. ick. I think we went through all our extra towels that night. Thank goodness for washing machines!

S turned around pretty quickly though and seemed much better by Saturday evening. Lots of naps and watching Dora seemed to help. All was good in our family for the rest of the weekend. I even got to paint the new nursery a lovely shade of blue! The last unpainted room in our house is now getting ready to house our newest little member. Thanks to J for his help with the heavy stuff so I could paint.

I probably overdid it, up and down the stepstool, bending and crouching to tape and paint, so I needed to rest on Sunday night. Besides my hips and back being a little sore, my stomach wasn’t feeling the greatest either. I secretly hoped it was just a pregnancy side-effect and not what I feared…that I would catch what S had on Friday night.

Monday morning I woke up with that unsettled stomach feeling. I tried to brush it off and got in the shower and got ready for work. My stomach apparently, was not into that game. I called in sick and I’m so glad I did. Yesterday was not a day to be far from the bathroom, let me tell you. I was a little nervous about being pregnant with the stomach flu, but my nurse calmed my fears and let me know to drink plenty of fluids (or risk starting contractions! yikes!) and get lots of rest. Well, follow her orders I did. Today I’m back at work, but feeling the achy body that comes after all that fun of being sick.

Hopefully, I’m through the worst of it because our area is slated for a huge BILZZARD tonight. And I’m not talking Dairy Queen. Although that sounds kind of good right now. Anyway, 15 inches, people! And I am under doctor’s orders not to shovel anymore…so…here’s hoping J doesn’t get the ‘bug’ because he’s our snow removal system right now.  Better make a pit-stop at the grocery store on the way home for cookie baking supplies. I feel a Snow Day coming on!

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