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We’re All BLUE Up In Here!

So we had a special little doctor’s appointment today. You know, the kind where you get an ultrasound and they check all the important parts of the baby and make sure all is well. And they also tell you (if you want the info) if your little one is a HE or a SHE. Yeah, that appointment. We wanted to know, and wouldn’t YOU know, that the little one weighing in at almost one pound at this stage of the game is most decidedly a HE!!!!! 

J and I are thrilled, of course. We are feeling really blessed and so very lucky to be able to have one of each. And honestly, I am so excited to be a boy mommy. Don’t get me wrong, I adore all the ‘girly’ things related to raising Miss S, but I’m so excited to join the ranks of women who get to call themselves a boy mommy. 🙂

Baby boy looked nice and healthy and seemed to be doing just fine in his cozy little home. I can’t believe that we finally know what our family will look like. So final, so comforting and so crazy all at the same time!

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Whoooo hooo! I can’t tell you how excited I am that the Packers are going to the Superbowl! Me and a few other thousand people, I’m sure. What a team to make it through the playoffs with all games on the road. I have to say it has been lots of fun watching Aaron Rodgers lead his team to victory the past few weeks again and again.

I know it’s mainly the talent of the Pack that got them this far, but the superstitious side of me thinks it could be a little good luck charm doing her touchdown dance like this…

BTW, I have no idea why she is asking us to crawl under her body at the end. What a silly goose.

Or, it could be the ‘good luck’ Packers cupcakes we’ve been indulging in prior to the last two games.

It might also be the crazy cheering that goes on in our house during the games. Today S kept saying “We want the YELLOW ONES to win!”

Quite an impressive display of Packers support from her today, considering she was just diagnosed with strep throat yesterday. 😦

Now off to do my hometown proud and find some pint-sized Packers attire to dress S in for the big game in two weeks. Internets here I come.

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Yesterday I had a case of mommy gut. No, not from the newest member of our family making his/her room in my tummy…I’m talking about that feeling that moms get when they know their little one is going to be sick. Mother’s intuition. It comes with the territory. I just had a feeling that S was going to be sick. I even called daycare to check on her before I headed off to an afternoon work meeting. S had been pretty congested on Thursday night and didn’t sleep well. We sent her off to school in the morning with a dose of Tylenol in her system. I think that held her until naptime. My call to daycare was answered with the all-clear from her teacher, other than a few snifflies. An hour or so later, I’m sitting in my meeting and feel my phone vibrate. I knew who it was. I quietly excused myself to take the call outside. It was then that I learned that S had a 102 degree fever. I was on my way (and secretly happy that I got out of a meeting early on a Friday!). I picked up a sad little S from school and we headed home to comfy clothes, more medicine, cartoons and cuddling in mommy’s bed. All congested and feverish, S was pretty miserable Friday night. She fell asleep on J’s chest after dinner and we took turns holding her until bedtime.

We set up our arsenol of feel-good things. Vaporizer, medicine, cool jammies, pedialyte on the bedstand. S slept a couple of hours but then was up with a 104 degree temp. We did more children’s motrin and a cool washcloth on her forehead. Poor lady. There’s nothing worse than knowing there’s little you can do to stop your kiddo’s pain. About midnight the motrin kicked in and her fever subsided a bit. All of a sudden, we had a chipper little S on our hands. She was jabbering away, asked to use the potty, and got her second-wind. Then she said she wanted a snack. Knowing she barely touched her dinner, I figured we’d better get something in her tummy. What better to cool her off than a popsicle. I asked S if she wanted one and her eyes lit up. Can I have a blue one? So, off we went downstairs in the dark of the night in search of her sugar-free popsicle. We sat at the table, S sans shirt to help cool her off munching on her blue popsicle. I just sat across from her and watched. Despite her being sick, it made me smile that she was feeling well enough to enjoy a midnight snack.

The treat seemed to help and she slept on and off for the rest of the night. Today she’s still feverish, but not rocking the 104 temps anymore. J and I have been taking turns being her nurse today. I got out for a bit to restock our empty fridge with groceries for the week. I also picked up a few munchies for the BIG GAME tomorrow. So excited to watch the Pack crush the Bears tomorrow! S has a cute little touchdown dance that J taught her. I hope she can do it many times tomorrow! Go Pack Go!

Now that S is napping, I can do a quick blog. If you’re wondering what’s up with my lack of Bump Tales updates…our laptop got sick like S and is being treated for a nasty virus as we speak. Of course, all my bump tale journaling was done on the ‘ol laptop which I can’t access right now. So updates, my friends, will have to wait. I know you are all waiting with bated breath. One thing I’M waiting for with bated breath is our big ultrasound this week! Hoping baby #2 will cooperate and let us know if it’s a he or a she. 🙂

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Update From Potty-Land

As you may recall, a few weeks ago J and I started S in the “Three-Day Potty Training” method. I documented each day here here and here. We’ve had some awesome potty breakthroughs since then, but not without some initial challenges. The first week back at daycare was  a little rough. S came home with at least one, sometimes two, soiled outfits every day. As I empied out the plastic bags each night, I silently wondered how long we should keep this up.

Despite the wet clothes, we kept trying.  Sometime during that first week, it just clicked for her and she started telling us YES when we would ask about using the potty. Then it became fun for her and she would yell, “Hey, Dadda, guess what??” “I peed on the potty!” Yeah! You go girl! Daycare reports became more promising, especially after one of her little friends “helped” her not be afraid to sit on the potty. Thanks, “I”! 🙂 Now she goes all the time at school and we haven’t (knock on wood) seen a plastic bag hanging by her cubby in quite some time. No more extra loads of laundry at home either.

We finally caved and do a pull-up for naps and bedtime. S just isn’t ready to hold it through the night yet. My next hurdles will be weaning her off of her jellybean kick after she goes on the potty. Curious how other veteran moms phased out the rewards. And, of course, taking her anywhere in public without a pull-up on. I can’t imagine trying to change her in the car right now (hello 10 degree temps!) if she were to have an accident, so I think I’ll wait for a bit warmer weather before we attempt a trip anywhere without a trusty pull-up.

So, I guess kids really can be potty-trained. Thank goodness for jelly bellys and washing machines!

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I’m a huge fan of Gina’s Skinny Taste recipes. When I saw her recipe for slow cooker pernil, I knew I had to try it. A really simple and delicious meal. I paired it with her avocado, black bean and cucumber salsa and a package of La Preferida Spanish rice.

Really the hardest part (if there is a hard part) is remembering that the meat needs to marinate for a day ahead of time. I turned on the crock pot before leaving for work and started salivating when I walked in the door when I got home.

This was my first time trying pernil and I was a little unsure of how to eat it. I guess I’m used to putting something like that in a tortilla instead of a bunch of it on my plate by itself. Actually, I just kind of mixed everything together as I was eating it and it tasted great! Never even missed the tortilla (ok, but what I did miss was my trusty Corona w/ lime). The best part? It’s not even that spicy, so S got to enjoy it, too!

LOL! I’m going to claim my first case of “pregnancy brain”. I forgot to post the recipe! OMG. Here ya go!

Gina’s Slow Cooker Pernil

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Snow Ride

Take it easy. La la la. Ok, I’m not really a Foghat fan, I just couldn’t think of a better title for this post. Anyhoo, S had a blast this morning taking her new sled from Grandma & Grandpa for a spin. I have to admit, when my parents pulled the orange sled out of their car, I was like WHAT?! You’re giving her a sled? Immediately I pictured her racing down hills and getting hurt. She’s too young for that! Um, ok paranoid momma. Chill. Once I realized that I could simply pull S along behind me, rather than take her to the big sled hill and send her off, I started to like the idea more.

I showed S the sled we had stashed in the garage when we got home from school on Friday. She was so excited. Since I knew we were supposed to get some overnight snow, I promised that we could go sledding tomorrow when she woke up. She was game.

Saturday morning came too quickly (thanks to our human alarm clock, programmed to NEVER SLEEP IN. EVER.). I quickly got us fed and shoveled the driveway, then I came inside and bundled up S in her thirty bazillion layers. Dadda and C-dog got in on the fun. Despite the frigid 18 degree temps, everyone had  a blast. We took S around the unshoveled sidewalks first and then trekked across the street to the park. Now, we haven’t been to the park since, well, since before there was snow. S was in heaven. MY PARK! she shouted upon arrival.

Swings were first on the list, then the dinosaurs, then the sandbox…er, snowbox, then the stairs up the playground, over the bridge, and once we figured out that there’s probably a good reason kids don’t play on playground equipment in the winter (minor slip, but momma was right there), we made a quick decent down the slide. Good thing dadda was at the end to catch her! Snowpants and a snowcovered slide=extrafast.

Love how she’s all smooshed in this one!

After all that playing, S decided it was time for a picnic. She dilligently brushed off the benches on the picnic table and made us all “ice cream”, complete with blueberries that she picked from a nearby bush. ‘Cause who doesn’t want blueberry ice cream when you’re outside in cheek-freezing temps??

S could have stayed outside all morning, but Mommy and Daddy are wimps and were getting a bit cold, so we headed home. S enjoyed pulling her sled home by herself. Fun family time outside doesn’t happen much for us in WI in the wintertime. I’m glad S got to enjoy her new sled and get some fresh air.

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Week 13

*not much happening during week 12, so I skipped to week 13.

December 8, 2010

This week I had my ultrasound that tests for Trisomy 16 and 18 and Downs syndrome. This test also includes a finger prick. Let’s just say that I much prefer the ultrasound. I’m not much for having blood work done (always been squeamish and afraid of needles). Needless (needles?) to say, I wasn’t all that thrilled about a finger stick. I’d never had one done before, but in my head I was thinking it would probably be easier than a blood draw. WRONG. That sucker hurt! My finger was sore for a few days afterwards. All that discomfort was put aside though for 30 minutes of viewing Baby #2 on the screen. It was stretching its legs and doing little baby jumps. I saw the heartbeat and enjoyed watching the now human looking baby inside me. The ultrasound tech was great.  She gave me lots of pictures and a CD with even more images. The next day I had my monthly check-up and everything was fine. I’ve only gained 2 lbs. so far, which I’m so happy about. (Although, I sort of cheated the system and started this pregnancy 10 lbs. more than I did with S, so I’m trying to keep the weight gain down because I know it will be TWO TIMES as hard to get rid of it once baby’s here!) I got to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler, which is an amazing sound. Heartbeats have been high, about 165 bpm. Looking forward to the end of January when we get to take another peek at the baby and hopefully find out the gender!

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11 Weeks

November 27, 2010

We let the cat half out of the bag this week. We decided that since we’ll be seeing both our families for the holidays this year, that we’d let each side know in person. My parents found out when we arrived at their house Wednesday night. Miss S was sporting this shirt from Etsy.  If you can’t see it that well in the pic, it says “Listen Up! This little turkey has something BIG to say…” and then on the back it says, “I’m going to be a big sister!” It was so fun to watch their expressions as they read and then comprehended the meaning on the shirt. Everyone was thrilled and little S was left wondering what all the excitement was about. She’ll figure it out soon enough!

After the turkey holiday, I decided that it was about time to pull out the box of maternity clothes I had stashed in the basement. This time around I’m showing a lot sooner than I did with S. I figured I better take stock of what remains of my maternity clothes selection and make sure I have something to wear for Christmas this year. And nothing says, “Happy Holidays” like digging through a box of granny panties and bras that look like they belong to Pamela Anderson. What started out as a euphoric “hey! new clothes!” feeling turned a little more glum when I realized the next half-year will be spent getting bigger…and bigger… and, ugh.  All for a good cause, right?

I’ll need to find another pair of maternity jeans for sure and maybe one more pair of work pants. Between my maternity sweaters and the couple new tops I bought at Kohls on Black Friday, I should be pretty set for this pregnancy.

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10 Weeks: Kumquat

November 18, 2010

I’m 10 weeks and baby has reached the official “size of a kumquat stage”. Thank goodness. The grape stage was rather boring…much more exciting to have a kumquat growing in your stomach.  Incase you didn’t know, kumquats are about 1 ¼ inches long. Kind of crazy that those 1 ¼ inches are causing my belly to expand to the teeniest of bump status. It’s especially noticeable after I eat. It’s then that I feel like I really can call myself pregnant. It’s getting harder to choose work outfits since I’m trying to hide the bulge for a bit longer. We plan to tell our families during the holidays, so the time is fast approaching when the rest of the world can finally know about our little surprise! I ordered the cutest shirts from zoeysattic on Etsy for S to wear (post to come about that). Yup, we are pinning the big announcement on our mini billboard. S will have the great honor of announcing the news, although she has no clue yet about what she’s actually announcing. I’m not really sure how to broach the subject with her. For now, she’s content to have her baby dolls to take care of (she’s a natural…so gentle and motherly). I’m not sure how she’ll do with the real thing, though.

I’ve been feeling really good. The off and on nausea seems to have faded and my body’s constant need to consume food has subsided. I know it’s cliché, but I’ve actually been craving pickles. That and sliced tomatoes with salt. Mmmm.

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Please Vote!!

In the words of the great Dora the Explorer, “I need your help!” Our amazing photographer that we used for S’s 2 year portraits, Andrea Paradowski, is hosting a super cool drawing/contest on her blog. All you have to do is vote for #11, Little Miss S, gazing at her beloved merry-go-round.

Click here to go to Andrea’s blog.


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