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Boot Camp

Can you guess from this picture what is happening at our house right now?

If you guessed POTTY TRAINING, then you must be really smart. Either that, or you have little kids yourself and have been through this already! (you could also still be really smart, too.)

Following a suggestion from some really awesome internet mommies, I read up on this thing called 3 Day Potty Training. A pretty simple concept, really. It’s a cold turkey, throw out the diapers (ok, we just put ours in a bag and ‘pretended’ to throw them out), and then stick to your kid like white on rice for three days straight kind of approach. No training pants, pull-ups allowed. This is serious potty training folks. I figured we’d give it a shot since the “wait til she’s ready” approach wasn’t producing any results. We had a few potty successes prior to the 3DPT, but I’m simply chalking those up to wonderfully good timing and sheer luck. Plus, I had three days to devote to getting Miss S to pee in the potty since I’m still off on break.

We started this morning after breakfast. I made a big deal about wearing big girl undies and how diapers are for babies, blah, blah, blah. I showed her her new princess potty chair (that plays music when she goes in the potty) and we talked a lot about telling mommy (or daddy who was on back-up duty) when she had to go potty and to “keep Dora dry”. Yes, some of her new 24 pairs of underwear are none other than Dora herself.

This all started at 8:15 a.m. We also started pumping her full of liquids. Kiddos can’t practice going potty if they don’t have to go. As the method says, accidents will happen. And that they did. We had four wet undies before the first successful pee on the potty at 11:15 a.m. I’m happy to report that the free bottle of Kids ‘n Pets cleaning solution I got a while back is coming in very handy! As the potty played its merry tune, Daddy and Mommy flipped a lid and were ‘so excited’ and happy for Miss S. She thought it was pretty cool, too. Especially when she found out that she gets a jelly bean for going potty!

And when you’re going from no more baby to ‘big girl’ status, you  need a big girl bed. J converted her crib to the toddler bed just in time for naptime. S had a blast checking out her new sleeping spot.

All that big girl stuff wore her out and she is soundly sleeping right now. I think this mommy needs to do the same so I’m ready for Round 2 of Day 1 this afternoon. Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow! I’ll let you know if this method really works.

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8 Weeks: Bottomless Pit

November 4, 2010

I’m 8 weeks pregnant and I’m about ready to sign up for Overeaters Anonymous. This is getting ridiculous. I am CONSTANTLY hungry. This insatiable appetite is also tied with mild nausea, which isn’t the greatest combination. I want to eat, but sometimes the thoughts of certain foods just make me want to gag. I haven’t actually been sick, so I’m considering that to be the bright side in all this.

During the course of a day, I need to eat about every 10 minutes or so. I feel like I constantly have hunger pains, even with a full stomach. I know it’s just the hormones doing their job, but I really don’t remember feeling like this with S.

Today I was sitting next to a coworker at a meeting and she was eating a sandwich. Not a big deal right? I didn’t think so until I caught a whiff of the dressing on her sandwich. Let’s just say I held my breath and counted the minutes until the meeting was over. I dashed out of the room, gasping for fresh air. Whew! And, one of the lovely perks of my job…aka “lunch duty” has taken on a whole new meaning. School lunch was never that appetizing to begin with, much less when you’re pregnant.  

J suggested I snack on some crackers to tide me over between meals. Guess I better buy stock in Wheat Thins because I’ve still got 4 weeks until 1st tri is over.  And, hopefully, until this queasiness subsides. Right now, though, I need to whip up something in the kitchen. Baby’s knocking on my stomach walls again.

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S must have been listening to our conversation at some point and picked up on this choice phrase. Yesterday when we were driving back from IL, all of a sudden we heard S interject this phrase in our conversation. We were so surprised and laughed, so then S laughed and, of course, kept saying it over and over and over…

She pulled it out again this morning at our little “three of us” family Christmas breakfast. (btw, I made this creme brulee french toast recipe and it was yummy!!) She’s our little entertainer!

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7 Weeks

Welcome to my weekly pregnancy record. I didn’t write anything until I was seven weeks along because, well, there really wasn’t much happening up until that point. I found out that I was pregnant pretty early on (3 1/2 weeks).  I pretty much knew, I was just waiting for that little plastic stick to tell me so, so I was kind of HPT happy for a few days.

I hope to post a few of these every week and eventually get caught up so I’m in “real-time” with my pregnancy updates.

7 Weeks (October 28, 2010)

I got an extra special treat on my birthday today.  This morning I had my first ultrasound! I’m currently 7 weeks pregnant and the purpose of this ultrasound was to date the pregnancy. Although our little one resembles more of a tadpole at this stage than a baby, it was still so exciting to see the tiny round blob on the screen. The best part was seeing the heartbeat! All is normal, with baby’s heart beating at a steady 128 BPM. I told the tech that it finally seemed real. She asked if I had been experiencing any morning sickness and I said, “thankfully, no.” I’ve had a few bouts of mild nausea when the thought of eating crosses my mind, but nothing serious. It’s like my body is saying NO WAY when I think of eating some foods and others, it’s like YES! I can’t really figure out any rhyme or reason yet, so we’ll see if I develop any aversions or cravings with this pregnancy. With S, I was all about FRUIT and wouldn’t touch YOGURT. So strange what pregnancy does to you! It was so nice to see you today little baby! 🙂

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Cat=Out of the Bag


Well, now that our close family knows…it’s time to announce our happy news to all of cyberland.

We’re expecting Baby #2 in June, 2011!

It’s been hard to keep it under wraps on the blog, but we knew we would be seeing both our families for the holidays and wanted to tell everyone in person, so it’s been worth it.

I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant and feeling really good. I started a written record of my pregnancy this go-around (something I always wanted to do the last time but never got around to doing).  Soon I’ll start posting my weekly pregnancy posts in a section of the blog called BUMP TALES.

Happy Holidays from the three  four of us! 🙂

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All Aboard!

I finally was able to take S to Olbrich Gardens to see the model train display this year.  I’m off for my winter break and Grandma C. is in town for a visit, plus there is free entry on Wednesdays from 10-noon, so we decided to get out of the house for a bit. This year’s theme was birdhouses, so amongst the railroad tracks and poinsettias, there were cute little birdhouses with origami birds on display.

I figured with S’s obsession with Thomas the Train that our visit would elicit a bit more excitement, but apparently tiny trains that don’t whistle weren’t doing it for her. She was still interested though, for about a whole five minutes of her toddler attention span, and it was neat to finally see so I’m still glad we went. I just don’t think I would pay to see it if we go again next year. Oh, and I would go EARLY. By the time we were done viewing the trains, the line was very long to get in.

Kids were also able to “decorate a snowman”. A cute little craft activity for the kids. S had fun putting together her snowman with a little help from Grandma and mom.

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Snazzy Snowmen

As I glance down at the archives on my blog, I can’t believe this is only my third post of December. Well, actually I CAN believe it, considering that December has been filled with its usual whirlwind of activities. Then pile on working full time, holiday get togethers, snow storms that interfere with my last minute gift shopping, a sick toddler, a holiday concert and you get…well, a busy momma with not much time to blog.

I wanted to post these cute snowmen cookies that I made today with S. I took the easy way out and used the Pillsbury ready-made dough and frosting in a tub. Any less mess I can make in my kitchen this time of year, the better. Who has time to wash dishes??

All you need for this recipe is:

  • premade sugar cookie dough
  • white frosting
  • mini M&Ms (pick out the brown ones…eat the rest)
  • licorice (I used the pull & peel Twizzlers and snipped with a kitchen schears for the earmuff band and mouth)
  • candy orange slices (cut into little triangles for the nose)
  • lifesavers (I used the gummy kind)

Bake and frost the cookies and decorate the snowman face. Easy and fun!

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First Snow

All week long, weather forecasts had been predicting up to 8 inches of snow for our area Friday night. Not only is that kind of a lot of snow, it was also the first snow of the season. You can imagine the hype. J said the grocery store was a zoo on Friday night when he stopped in to pick up a few things. By the time the snow was ready to fall, predictions dropped to a mere 2-4 inches. I kept peeking out the window Friday night to see if the snow had started and by the time I was ready to hit the hay, the tiniest flakes were falling. I woke up the next morning greeted by a blanket of fresh white snow. We had sent S to bed the night before with promises of playing in the snow in the morning and I was determined not to disappoint. Not only that, but I wanted to get the driveway shoveled. Still no snowblower for our family this year. We had two promising leads thanks to my parents cleaning out the garage at the cottage, but those two metal beasts proved too old to be worth repair. And we probably would have had a snowblower had my car not decided that it was going to start leaking gas when I filled up the tank. Nice. Or should I say Not Nice. Snowblower money went to said car repairs. Sigh. There’s always next year…

Anyway, back to the snow… S woke up babbling about chocolate for breakfast (yes, we’ve started the chocolate advent calendar tradition with her this year) and was mildly excited to see all the snow on the ground.

She really perked up (after her chocolate) when I told her that we were going outside. So much fun to bundle up a toddler in all their winter gear, but soon enough, we were ready to go outside. S was introduced to her little shovel that grandma and grandpa bought for her last year. She was much more ready for it this year and enjoyed having a little shovel all her own just like ours.

Daddy tried to help her out with a quick lesson.

In typical kid-fashion, Miss S did NOT want to come inside. She much prefered dragging her shovel around, picking up “snowballs” and crawling around in the snow. I’m glad she finally is getting some use out of her snowpants this year. Last year, she just teetered around and kept ripping her mittens off. Here she is ‘resting’ in the snow after all that shoveling.

Ah, sweet little S, what a fun day we had in the snow! We even went out again in the afternoon to do a second round of shoveling. So much fun to see her growing up and enjoying more of her world.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, this Mrs. Claus needs to go wrap a few little presents for a certain little someone because St. Nick is coming tomorrow! (yes, I know it’s a day early, but I’d rather have time to enjoy it tomorrow than try to squeeze that in during the Monday morning madness, thankyouverymuch.)

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