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Turkey Day

Our little family of three (plus a very large furball) made the trek north to my parents’ house for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was lovely to spend time with my parents and enjoy all the nice things that moms and dads do. Like prepare an entire holiday meal while all I did was pop a few chips in my mouth (well, I guess I did make a salsa appetizer, but really. Salsa ain’t nothing compared to turkey and all the trimmings). And clean up your dinner and allow you to take a relaxing shower and get dressed without a little toddler pounding and banging on the door. And watch the peanut while I ventured out on Black Friday (but not until the afternoon, I’m not THAT crazy!) to score a few deals and actually TRY ON CLOTHES IN A DRESSING ROOM.

And it wasn’t just mommy that got to enjoy herself. Miss S got her fun on, too. She ate grandma out of her raisin supply, consumed just a few turkey sugar cookies, played with her (not yours!) Sesame Street ball that she only sees at the gparents’ house, tickled the ivories, got tickled herself, and got to see her long-lost Frosty the snowman outdoor lawn decoration. The first words out of her mouth were, “HE CAME BACK!!!!!!”

Yes, a nice time was had by all. S soaked up all the grandpa and grandma love she could handle until we see them again in a few weeks. S also got to hang out with the “Really Cool” Uncle Matt (who taught her to say that she was “really cool”). And Cooper (the aforementioned furball) got his share of fun when he ALMOST caught some wild turkeys in the backyard.

For all the anticipation and prep work, Turkey Day was over too fast. But not before I was able to think about all the blessings in my life. I’m so thankful for my wonderful husband, who does so much for us that often goes unnoticed. I’m thankful for my little lady, despite the occasional two-year old tantrums, she’s a well-behaved little girl with such a gentle heart. We are so blessed. I’m thankful for the health of my family and for our jobs and for our cozy little house that we’ve made into a home.

Hope all of you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family!

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Walk All Over Me

Well, we finally did it. After five years of home-ownership, we finally did what we said we were going to do…GET NEW KITCHEN FLOORS. Whoo-hooo! As you can tell, I’m a teensy bit excited. You see, I’ve been living with WHITE VINYL flooring for way too long. Any person that’s ever mopped a floor knows how ridiculous white floors are. They show every speck of dirt. And with a 100 pound dog and a two-year old running around, it got rather messy. All the time. And I was tired of mopping every other day. Ok, week. Geesh, I’m busy, ok?

We finally had the cash and the time (well, not really, but we squeezed it in) and took the plunge. We visited a few flooring stores and couldn’t find anything we really liked. Trying to find flooring that goes with trim and cabinet colors that you don’t really like is a rather challenging feat (if only the builders had decided to go with white trim instead of white floors, then I would have been a happy camper. Oh well.). We didn’t want it to be matchy-matchy and be washed out with honey oak all over the place. J and I really like dark wood tones, but our walls are a raspberry red, so we couldn’t go with something too dark either. I found a sample of a nice blend of the two and brought it home. We moved the little 12×12 inch sample around the house, examining it in all different lights and times of day. And we knew we had a winner! S had a lot of fun with this part of the selection process. At one point, we had about 8 different samples around the house and she would jump from one to the other and have a blast. So much fun to be a kid!

Our install was this week. Since we went with laminate, I figured there wouldn’t be much mess because all you do is snap it together, right? Um, not really. There was notching of our existing trim, cutting quarter-round and all kinds of other dust-producing activity going on in my house. The workers did most of the heavy-duty stuff in the garage, but I was still left with a fine layer of dust to clean up. Oh well, they also left some pretty amazing flooring for me to look at, too. And for that, I am happy.

All the laminate ‘getting acclimated’ and waiting for install.

Getting started. It only took them a day and a half to complete everything.

Half bath prepped. S was rather concerned that the potty was all gone. Not that she really cares about the potty any other time, except when it’s missing!

All done! Now we just need our new table and our mini makeover will be complete!

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Let me start this post by saying that I’m not a clothing snob. When selecting my clothes, I’m pretty much a comfort-before-style kind of gal. But I do like to look nice. Who doesn’t? And I like to think I do a pretty good job of picking out clothes for my two-year old. Since little ones outgrow their clothes before they can be washed two times, I also like to hunt for a bargain when shopping for S. This fall has definitely thrown me a challenge in that department, however. Most of the places where I shop for S (Kohls, Children’s Place, Carters, to name a few) have decided that this is the year of the ‘trendy’ toddler, selecting pint-sized preteen outfits to sell in their stores. Ugh. What happened to the cute and practical little play outfits of last year? If I wander over to the baby section, I’m surrounded by tons of soft, cute, appropriate play clothes that I would buy in a heartbeat. If only they were the right size. The 2T/3T section usually contains a depleted supply of glittery tu-tu, stocking-legged, sparkly, gaudy-print t-shirts and outfits that just look plain scary to me. Apparently, kids are wearing them because the racks are almost empty. Maybe some moms have selected these monstrosities in lieu of letting their little one run naked through the leaves this fall. IDK.

I was moved to write this post after my Sunday morning shopping trip to the mall with my favorite partner in crime. I had some awesome coupons burning a hole in my coupon binder, so we busted out of the house at 9 am sharp (thank you, Daylight Saving Time). JC Penney sent me a $10 free cash coupon, which I love to use towards something for S. Hoping JC Penney might have their act together in the toddler department, I took a look around. Apparently, JC Penney buyers get their stuff from the same place that Kohls does. I couldn’t find anything. Except this:

Which, for $8.00, is sort of cute (if you can get past the borderline gaudy sparkly stars), and definitely fits the “comfortable” criteria. But the problem is that this isn’t the only velour outfit that S owns. Oh, no. This blue one now makes velour outfit numero tres in her closet. Why does my daughter have so many of these, you ask? Well, I think my point is clear. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DRESS HER IN!

I’m really at a loss with toddler girl clothes this season. Luckily, I guess, the days are getting shorter, so she’ll only need to be in weirdo clothes a short portion of the day before we can change her into super cuddly soft footie pjs. love! We have a lot of those.

So, what will S be wearing this fall when she jumps in the leaves? Why, velour, of course! 😉

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