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Mini Vacay

Since mommy and daddy had a few days off this week, we took the whole pack (well, all three of us!) on a little getaway to the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells. Of all the water parks in the Dells, Great Wolf seemed to offer the most toddler attractions, so that’s where we chose to stay. I think it’s safe to say that S had a blast. Here are a few pics of our stay, along with a few little tidbits from me.

We got there right at 1:00 p.m. and were pleasantly surprised that our room was ready. (On the day of your arrival, check in is not until 4:00, but you can start using the water park at 1:00). We unpacked the car (FYI, luggage carts are just to the right of the check in desk), took a quick tour of the hotel to get a lay of the lands and then raced back to the room to change into our suits.

I bought a waterproof disposable camera to get some pool shots. I didn’t want to leave our regular camera out on a table while we were playing and I was also afraid of it getting wet, so this worked out pretty well. The shots are a bit grainy, but considering the camera is supposed to be used in direct sunlight, I think they turned out pretty well.

We played in the waterpark until 4:30 and by then, S was ready for a break. She was going on no nap and lots of stimulation…plus, mommy was hungry for our much awaited pizza delivery!

After our tasty pizza, we dressed S up in her Halloween costume and did the trick-or-treat walk around the hotel. It was S’s first time trick-or-treating (we always seem to be out-of-town for trick-or-treat) and I think she got a good warm up for Sunday’s real deal. Everyone LOVED the duck. Not too shabby for picking it out really last-minute. 😉

S found this little playhouse and had almost as much fun in here as she did in the water park. She loved making and serving us up some “hamburgers”…

We had a lot more fun that night going through the goodies S got (and not so much fun when the jam-packed day finally caught up with S and she displayed the loveliest 2-year-old tantrum when we wouldn’t give her sucker #2.)

The next morning, we headed to Camp Critter Buffet for breakfast. It was just ok. I think next time, we will do what I saw some savvy guests do…head down the street to Dunkin’ Donuts and bring it back to the hotel. We hit the water park again when it opened at 9:00 and played till about 10:40. Check-out time is 11:00, but you can stay and play until the park closes. Since S was looking rather tired and we had visited all the toddler areas we wanted to for the day, we decided to pack up the car and head home.

It was a nice stay for S’s first trip to a water park. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be back!

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What better way to celebrate my 33rd year of life than with a little serenade from Miss S.

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Halloween Traditions

*sorry about the formatting of this post. After a half hour of downloading and arranging pictures and captions, I didn’t have it in me to fix the stupidness that is wordpress.*

I’m kind of a sucker for traditions. I love getting caught up in the fun and excitement of holidays. And now that S is getting older, it’s so much fun to start establishing some of our own family traditions.

Last weekend, S carved her very first pumpkin (with a little help from mommy & daddy, of course!). I was excited to see how she would like participating in this Halloween tradition, after having picked out her very own pumpkin the previous week. I think she was a little shocked when we first cut it open and she saw all the seeds inside.

But she quickly got into the spirit of scooping out the seeds.

Diligently picking out all the seeds.

Helping Daddy scoop the seeds onto the pan.

Time for the (cool) oven!

While S was waiting for her seeds to roast, I put the finishing touches on our jack-o-lantern. S kept trying to stick his nose back in the hole.

Later that night, we tried out our spooky friend and enjoyed some apple crisp al fresco. It’s the closest this family will get to having a firepit ring in our backyard!

Happy Halloween!

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Fun @ The Farm

We’ve been promising S a trip to Eugster’s Fall Festival for a few weeks now. And since this weekend seemed like it will be the last time to sneak in some outdoor fun, we packed up and headed to the farm. The sun was shining but it was extremely windy. It was great to just let S run around and not worry about lugging a stroller. Plus, we figured, if she DID get tired out (highly unlikely), then we’d just put one of the red wagons to good use.

Our first stop was at the gift shop to pick up some cider donuts for our tractor ride to the pumpkin patch. Sort of a mini-tradition we started last year.

S and Dadda give them a thumbs up!










The tractor took us to a nice, dry field this year, where the pumpkins were already picked and just scattered around. I liked this much better than traipsing through muddy corn fields to find a pumpkin.






















A pic of the fam that actually turned out ok. Thanks to the lady sitting across from us who offered to take the picture. I need to be better about offering to do that for people!










S taking our pumpkins to be weighed and paid for.











After taking our pumpkins to the car, S got a ride back to the farm in a wagon. Then we went to see a puppet show, which was actually more like puppets dancing to really loud music, but whatev. S liked it and asked for more when they were finished. She even busted a move during the performance.












Then it was time to visit the animals. And play in the ginormous sandbox. And slide down the slides. And hold a sweet little kitty. And feed a baby goat a bottle of milk.


I had to laugh when the guy who gave us the bottle told S not to drink it! It’s been a while since she’s used one!

A few more pics with the jumbo pumpkin and it was time to call it a day.

I loved seeing S interact more with the farm experience this year! She’s getting so big! The day really tuckered her out. We kept her awake (through Daddy’s efforts to make her sing every song on her WeeSing in the Car CD) until we got home (because any parent knows that cat naps in the car are the devil!) and she’s now going on a 3 hour nap. Yay for tired kiddos! 🙂

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Sophia Says

Here are a few gems that have come out of S’s mouth recently.

S: “I’m smelling the flowers!”

Me: “What do they smell like?”

S [very convincingly] “Like ORANGES!”


When we arrived home to see a package on our front porch.

Me: “There’s a box on our front porch, do you see it?

S: “Yeah.”

Me: “Who put it there?”

S: “The guy. The BIG guy.”


On the way home from daycare…

S to Me: “You’re little”

“Dadda’s big.”

“He’s a big guy.”


 Coming home from the park I started walking the opposite way of S because she kept running back to the park.

Me: “Bye, S! It’s time to go home!”

S running the other way, pausing and then…

S: “Momma!”

Me: “What?”

S: “I’m sad.”

Me: “Why are you sad?”

S: “Cause I need you.”


S:”I’m so LIKEcited!”


S:”I have lots of coffee.” (translation: I’m coughing a lot.)




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Toddler Times

Our two-year, three-month old has been hurdling the milestones lately and I haven’t had much time to blog about it. So, here goes…

A few weeks ago, shortly after mommy put S to bed, we heard a loud thud from her bedroom. I instantly knew what had happened and raced into her room. There was Miss S, lying on the floor. Guess who decided to jump ship out of her crib? After a few shed tears, we put her back to bed (with some stern warnings about not jumping out of bed) and I scoured the internets to assist with our situation. Should we switch to the toddler bed or buy one of those canopy/crib tent things? Tough decision, but since I’m not quite ready to deal with a toddler roaming my house in the middle of the night, I opted to purchase the monstrosity that is the crib tent. Seeing how S was pretty scared about her dark descent out of her crib, we haven’t seen (or heard!) any more attempts from her. And the crib tent is still in the box. After seeing how ridiculous it really is, I can’t make myself harp on J to put it up for me. I know we will have to suck it up sometime and convert her bed to a toddler bed…I just need a few more nights of good sleep before we take the plunge.

Out with the old, in with the new. Now that S hangs out with the big kids at daycare, I think she’s realized that none of the ‘cool kids’ are sitting in high chairs anymore. And, not to be outdone, nearly had a fit one day when we tried to get her to sit in her high chair for dinner. Again, I ran to my trusty internet for help. I found this wonderful product.  I love that it secures to a chair and also has straps for S while she’s eating as well. It even comes with its own carrying bag so we can tote it to the grandparent’s or the cottage. S LOVES sitting in her booster chair. So much so that she had a traditional toddler meltdown one night at 7:30 because it wasn’t time to sit in her booster chair.

It’s fun to have her sitting at the table with us now. And even more so when she makes us do “Cheers!” with her sippy cup and our…um, adult beverages.

If only getting her to sit on the potty was as easy as getting her to sit in the booster chair. Nothing seems to be swaying this little diaper-lover. Not even Dora the Explorer underwear or promises of chocolate chips (sorry, no M&M’s in our house right now) are helping us with this one.  I was hoping that seeing all the other kids at daycare who use the potty would help, but not so far.

Guess I should be searching the internet on ways to get your toddler to use the potty! 🙂

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I have to admit, I didn’t jump on the ‘early fall decorating’ bandwagon this year. I saw my neighbors put up their pumpkins and cornstalks in September and I just admired quietly from my car as I drove by. I didn’t rush home and pull out our fall boxes from the basement. All I did was fix our wreath. But then the calendar turned from September to October and the need for orange and red around my house took over. I even had some help this year from Miss S. She had a blast going through the boxes and pulling out all the pumpkins. Then she went outside and helped Daddy with the outdoor display.




And after our house looked a little more festive, it was time for our annual apple picking and pie baking fest.  S had a blast picking apples this year.

I loved this sign with the apple that said “How Tall This Fall?” S was just under 3 this year.

And then it was pie time. We made 8 pies this year, which was actually kind of nice compared to last year’s 18!

And some cute little pies for you know who!

Happy Fall, Y’all!

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