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Holy cow. It’s been a crazy past four days. I knew starting a new job would be tough, but coming off a long mostly relaxing summer, it has definitely been a shock to the ol’ system. For starters, getting my body regulated to actually getting out of bed before 7 am has been harder than I thought. I set my alarm clock people! With good intentions of sneaking in a Jillian workout before showering. Pssh…yeah, right. The snooze button was much more appealing at 5:15 am than Jillian screaming at me to get my butt in gear. I haven’t worked out since Tuesday. Although, we did go on two long family walks after dinner a few nights which was nice.

Then there was the whole “new staff” training for two days. Mind you, I was a late hire and had just gotten my salary and benefits info the day before I was supposed to sign everything and turn it all in. Um, hi! These are BIG decisions people. I felt really bad for all the fresh-out-of-college new hires who had to make all these decisions really fast. We had fun playing games, but I could have done without the marathon sessions about things I will never use in my job. Ah, well.

Then there was the clean out my room from my previous job, move things into the new space, figure out my new work commute to a side of town that I’m not all that familiar with, turn in this form downtown, come back the next day to have my TB test read, call HR about this thing and that thing, leave a voice message, blah, blah, blah…

And while all that fun was going on, there were the obligations for me at my site. Meeting my new colleagues, learning routines, policies, etc., etc. Oh, and did I mention that I’m now the person that is supposed to be helping others with their concerns and issues? It’s pretty much the blind leading the blind at this point, but I know it will improve with time.  “One day at a time” is my new mantra. That and “let me get back to you on that.”

Even with all these things on my plate right now, I know I can always come home to my two biggest fans…It’s been awesome to come home and have S run up to me yelling, “You went to work! And you’re back!” And give me a big squeeze. Luckily, J has been able to stay with her this week while I’ve gotten adjusted. They’ve had a lot of fun hanging out together, doing all sorts of father/daughter things. I’m glad they’ve gotten to spend time together. I know those two will be my rock throughout this year. Tonight when we got home from a trip for some ice cream, S went to sit on the porch and “look at the dark”. She patted the space next to her and said, “Momma sit here.” and then on the other side she asked Dadda to sit, too. So there we were all three of us squeezed together on our front porch stoop and I said, “Aw, we are a happy family, aren’t we?” S replied…”Yeah, happy family!” 🙂

Happy to have my little munchkin remind me of what is truly important in life!

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Yo, Baby!

S here just showing you toddlers out there the real way to kick it in the ‘hood.

On hot sunny days, I love to lay back, sip on a cold one and chill with pops in my backyard.

Those California Girls ain’t got nothin’ on me! I think it’s time for a pedicure on these toes, toes…

That’s how I roll y’all. Peace. We out.

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Giggle Girl

I swear I live with a bunch of monkeys.

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So about that eating post I promised…we love to eat and heading up north promises lots of tasty meals and treats! Here we are doing what we do best!

Our first night we were too tired to shop for groceries, so we headed to Polecat and Lace. S enjoyed her huge plate of macaroni and cheese and ate the whole thing!

On the morning before the zoo, we took S to the Whistle Stop Bakery. It’s new to Minocqua and has THE BEST BAKERY EVER…complete with a train that runs around the shop. S was impressed with the train and her doughnut with sprinkles and mommy and daddy enjoyed their cinnamon pecan doughnut and some coffee…mmmm….

S and Daddy grillin’ up something good!

Like a little surf n’turf


We also happily discovered an amazing pizza place…The Minocqua Pizza Co. (on 51). Quite possibly the best pizza I’ve had in a long time. We will be back. Uncle Matt got to join us on his way home.

We also celebrated my mom’s birthday while we were there…more yummy food!

and a birthday kiss for grandma!

All that good food, wine and company led to late night/early morning conversation around the dinner table!Good times!

After our big walk on the Bearskin trail, we replaced all calories burned with a hearty lunch at Otto’s. They have an awesome beer garden in the back. S enjoyed the coloring books and crayons, while mommy and daddy were more partial to the German nachos and some beer!

An amazing week away, with many calories consumed. Good thing we don’t do this often! 😉

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Ah sweet blog…how I have missed thee. As mentioned previously, our little family of three returned from the great WI Northwoods a few days ago after a week-long visit with the mosquitos, internet-free lands, and bears. Yes, bears. And not just any bears…bears with two little cubs in tow…according to a cottage neighbor who spotted them on our “street” a few weeks ago. Guess who didn’t go outside after dark??? Not after the bear scare that J and I had when we were newlyweds…someday I’ll share that story on the ol’ blog…but not today because there are a ton of vacation pics to share and a wee bit of good news on the job front for me…I got a new job as of today! After a summer of riding the interview rollercoaster, I’m so excited to finally have secured a job in the field that I devoted much time and energy to getting my masters in. Yay for mommy!

Now on to the up nort’ pics.  I’ve decided that I’d divide up this post into two different themes…the non-eating pics and the eating pics. Lucky you, you get to see the non-eating pics first…wouldn’t want you to think all we do up north is veg out on junk food, bakery fare, alcohol and elaborate meals,  but that’s pretty much how it goes. So, I’ll share the pics where we are actually ACTIVE with you first…you know, to frame us in a better light ;).

Our first big thang was partaking in the water activities at the lake. I thought it would be fun for S to have a slide to use. That was until I realized that the slide didn’t actually stay in the water, but floated up in the front…so that pretty much got used about 3 times. I can’t tell you how happy my hubby was with me after having dragged them to Toys R’ Us the night before our trip to purchase said (expensive!) slide…

When the slide failed to produce the desired results…mommy broke out the water wings (which were only a $1.00 on clearance from my grocery store…see, making up for my expensive slide purchase) and let S JUMP OFF THE PIER! Which was awesome fun for her. I think possibly more fun than riding the carousel at the fair.

And the next day was our trip to Peck’s Wildwood Park where S got to pet the baby goats (like this sweet one that was only a week old!).Goats are cute and stuff, but they will try to eat anything…like my skirt and S’s stroller…we even had one try to hitch a ride!

I think the best part for me was watching her interact with the baby bunnies. It was so cute to see her holding them!

And a nice lady gave S some crackers to feed the camel.

A few days later we took a ten-mile bike ride on the Bearskin Trail. Awesome trail. I always feel so relaxed when I ride it…and let me just say, if I rode 10 miles everyday on my bike I would be in awesome shape. I was so sore the next day…even with my new cushy bike seat!

Our plan was to bike again the next day, but my um, “seat” wasn’t up for it, so we opted for a four mile walk on the trail instead.

We also found some time to lounge around like this…

And this…

And make our faces look funny with lighted magnifying glasses like this (why you would need a lighted magnifying glass…I’m not sure I want to know, but we have one at the cottage!)…

And that, my friends, is a pretty healthy recap of our ‘active’ portion of our trip…stay tuned tomorrow (or in the next few days) for the glutton-filled portion of our trip. Good Eats awaits!

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Yay! I’m so excited…J and I are back from our week-long trip up north (which should explain the lack of new blog posts lately…no internet or cell phones where we were…what a relief to escape all that for a bit!). Now that we’re back to internet land, I was so pleased to find a nice little surprise waiting for me…our sneak peek of S’s 2 year photo shoot! Andrea Paradowski was our photographer and I’m so incredibly impressed with her talent, she makes us all look good! These pics turned out even better than I had expected…Enjoy!


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S, being the very busy two-year old that she is, was only able to squeeze in her on camera interview about her first ever trip to the Wisconsin State Fair during dinner, so please excuse the cob of corn waving around. She does a much better job of telling about her day than I could do, so I’ll just let her have at it!

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Need to entertain your kid for a bit? Tired of playdoh, coloring books, blocks and a few too many episodes of Sesame Street? Our “letter of the day” around here has been “H”…for Hot & Humid…needless to say, we’ve been cooped up in the air conditioning for a few days and S was getting restless. I found some old stickers in a drawer so I thought, why not? It was right after a quick dip in the pool, so S, only diaper clad, had plenty of space for her um, body art. I tried to make it educational and exclaim, “sticker on your…ARM!” and she would giggle and move the sticker to her leg. Soon enough, her leg was full of her of her “creation”. You can tell from her enormous grin that she was a happy lady playing with her stickers! 


 BTW…this mommy is totally fine with her request for sticker tattoos…just dreading the day when I hear that she wants a real tattoo or to pierce her body…ahhh!

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S was in a performing mood during breakfast yesterday. Good thing I had the camera close by.

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Someone better clue S in fast about this one. I’ve been trying to tell her that it’s not nice to tattle on people, but she seems to get endless joy out of telling the whole world what mommy’s been up to. You know, cause it’s really important that the checkout lady knows that “Mommy go potty.” Great.

I’m starting to think I can’t trust her with my little secrets anymore. Now whenever we pull into a drive thru (bank, Starbucks, drycleaning…wherever) S shouts “MOMMA GET ICE CREAM!” I swear that I’ve only gotten drive thru ice cream once. Ok, maybe twice.

I also need to work with her on being a little more sensitive when talking about other people’s weight. When my neighbor asked S if she was going swimming in her little pool, S said “MmmHmmm. Mommy no fit in ‘da pool”. Way to rub it in, kiddo.

Guess my days of saying and doing whatever I want are over now that I’ve got a vocal two-year old!

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