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Happy Anniversary!


Today marks seven years of marriage for J and I. I can’t believe it. The time has truly flown by. Seems just yesterday we were deciding whether or not to move to plan B for our garden wedding in Oshkosh due to rain. Luckily for us, plan B worked out perfectly and we were married inside a dry church, surrounded by our family and friends. The rain had stopped in time for us to head to our tented reception at the Pioneer, where we kicked it to an amazing DJ and did our own “surprise” first dance, ate amazing food and yummy blue (supposed to be light purple!) WEDDING CAKE!

As I look back on where we have come from since that blissful moment, I’m reminded of how J has been there for me every step of the way. From our teeny college apartment, through the job searches and interviews to get us to Madison, to the house hunting for our first home, to painting and upgrading the house, to our amazing get-aways to Key West, Italy and Paris, to getting a puppy, and eventually making room for our sweet little S to enter our lives. All the while enjoying each other’s company while partaking in our common loves of great food, even better wine and exploring new things!  What an amazing journey so far. I’m so blessed to call J my husband.

Thank you for an incredible ride so far, sweetie…I can’t wait to see what the rest of our future holds. Time to start saving for our 10 year trip! 😉

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S did it up in style today on her 2nd birthday. She had lots of fun hanging out at grandma and grandpa’s house while she opened some gifts, impressed everyone with her smarts, ate a yummy meal courtesy of grandpa (which included her fav…corn!), hung out with Uncle Matt, played with a birthday balloon (a highlight!), wore her birthday hat, ate a ladybug cake and blew out her birthday cake candles. Whew! What a day…no wonder she zonked out the minute her little curly head touched the pillow tonight. Here are some pictures from her special day…

And as everyone suffered from a sugar high from the amazing cake, there were some sillies. Like when S had everyone sitting like she was…

And to my sweet, adorable, hilarious little S…Mommy can’t believe you are two already! I love you more and more each day. Thank you for all the love and laughter you bring to our lives. You are our sunshine.

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Highchair Funnies

Seems silliness comes with dinner time lately. Here’s S being a goofball when she discovered the peanut butter in her sandwich. In the second one she was pretending to “sleep” (oh and eating while nekkid isn’t the norm around here, we had just gotten out of the pool)

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S and I made a visit to Eugster’s Petting Farm this past weekend. She’s all about animals as of late, so I thought this would be the perfect way to entertain her for a morning as well as an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! For a mere $3.00, it was well worth it!  And we got there right when they opened and pretty much had the place to ourselves for a little while. There was a lot for a two-year-old to see and do!

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S let me in on a well-guarded toddler secret today. Turns out, they aren’t always all about expensive toys for their enjoyment.  Shiny, sparkly toys that zip and zoom are not always the best. No need for plastic jungles in the backyard. Fancy watertoys or swimming pools not necessary. What the child needs is nothing more than a pink balloon.

Yep, that’s right. Some helium on a string. That’s it. You should have seen her eyes light up and the ear-to-ear smile that appeared on her face when the Capitol Kids people came around at the farmer’s market and asked if she wanted a balloon.

At first she was a little shy about it…

But then it was full-on joy.

Which continued into the car

and was still there once we arrived home.

I’m starting to think a helium tank and some balloons would have been a better gift for her birthday than all the toys we bought her!

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I know I am so truly blessed to have the most wonderful husband. He is an amazing partner to me and has shown me over the past two years that he is the best father to S. I love how patient he is with her (and with me!) and how he is so loving towards her. S is very lucky to have such an amazing Daddy. We love you, sweetie!
Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome fathers and grandfathers out there!

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I could barely wait to make this pie! I’ve never even had rhubarb pie, much less STRAWBERRY rhubarb pie, but for some reason, I was dying to make it. After picking fresh strawberries, I had to have fresh rhubarb to add to the pie, so I headed to the farmer’s market this morning. I bought 4 pounds of rhubarb! (making pies for the neighbors as well…don’t you wish you were my neighbor? I thought so.)

This pie is a breeze to make. Really. I whipped it up with a toddler running around the kitchen, it was that easy. Chop up the rhubarb and the strawberries, mix with flour and sugar and dump into pie pan. Easy peasy. Here’s the recipe I used.

I let it cool for a bit and tried a slice. It was fantastic. The perfect summer pie. Just to warn you, it is a tad runny, but the reviews said it should firm up if left to completely cool. Props to those who are able to wait that long. I think a big scoop of vanilla ice cream would go perfectly with this! I plan to run out and get some as soon as S wakes up from her nap (which is now going on 3 hours. Awesome.) Happy Summer!

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I can’t tell you the last time I went strawberry picking. I was probably about five years old and I’m sure I spent most of my time in the field eating my way through the row rather than helping pick them. While my mom was here, we decided to head to Carandale Farms and get our pick on! I didn’t realize that the strawberry window in Wisconsin is about three weeks, so you have to be quick if you want in on the sweetest berries around!

Upon arrival we headed to the side of the barn to pick up our 10 lb flat, nifty flat carrier and marking flag. Then we hopped on the awaiting tractor for a short ride out to the strawberry fields.

A row of strawberry bushes is assigned to you and you just start picking! S caught on right away. Picking strawberries was right up her alley since she’s all about moving and sorting objects. She had her own little container and would fill it up and dump it into our flat. It was perfect!

She kept saying “Here’s some!” every few seconds. It was hilarious.

And she had NO PROBLEM following the rule of “you don’t have to pay for the ones you eat!”

Flag on the play! S was all about helping Grandma with the flag when we were done picking.


Still eating…

Some tips I learned:

  • Bug spray may be needed.
  • Picking earlier is best (less heat/sun!)
  • Proper stretching of the leg/quad muscles may be necessary (those berries are low to the ground!)
  • Don’t wear flip flops. Oops. And while I’m on the subject of footwear, be sure to wear old shoes as they’re likely to get stained with red berries. Same goes for clothing.

Stay tuned for some yummy strawberry recipes (like my Strawberry Spinach Salad HERE). I see a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie in my future!

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Fun With Grandma

My mom is in town for a visit. Which means lots of fun for S. She is loving showing off for Grandma. Of course, Grandma’s come with all sorts of fun things…like, sparkly stickers!

And they take you out to eat. For pizza.

And they let you play with the table number thingys.

And sneak furry bunny toys into the restaurant for you to play with.

And afterwards take you to the park to play and then pose for a cute grandma/granddaughter picture on the front porch.

And the next day, take you to the zoo to see all the animals.

And let you go on your first ever carousel ride. (Which S wasn’t too sure about at first. Until it started moving…then she kept saying “more!” )

And take you on a train ride around the zoo.

What a fun time with grandma!

Thanks for spoiling your granddaughter silly, mom! We are having lots of fun! 🙂

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Hot Wheels

I’ve been debating for some time whether or not to post about this on the blog. You see, J and I feel we may have been a little too indulgent with S. We like to think of ourselves as strong parents who uphold some sort of standard when it comes to the general whims of a toddler. When she wants a cookie, we don’t always give her one. GASP! When she wants to carry ALL her stuffed animals in with her to daycare, we only allow one furry friend to come along. When she wants to give all her food to C-dog (such a generous soul), we calmly tell her no. Ok, maybe not so calmly. But you get the point. So when S wanted something totally outrageous, J and I held our ground. For a minute. And then we bought our dear, sweet daughter her first set of wheels…

I can only imagine what other parents on the block are thinking. They bought their two-year old a CAR? 

Now S can tool around the driveway/sidewalk in style. As you can see, she loves her new car…

I’m actually kind of glad we got her a car so young. I mean, now we have some leverage when the grounding stage comes around. “That’s it! You’re grounded! No pink car for you. Now hand over those plastic keys.”

For now, though, I’ll just enjoy my little few-weeks-shy-of-two-year-old as she drives off into the sunset in her plastic car. 🙂

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