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We skipped the traditional Memorial Day festivities (parade and the like) and just hung out at home today. It was nice to be back around familiar surroundings after getting away for the weekend up north. Daddy dressed S in the morning, and I have to say she looked pretty darn cute and festive, right down to her two little pigtails!

Much of our day was spent outside enjoying the beautiful weather

After a trip to the park, S cooled off with a popsicle (well, not just ANY popsicle…a Trader Joe’s Fruit Floes to be exact. If you’ve never had one, they are like eating fruit on a stick…so yummy!) and a sippy cup full of milk (S insisted).


It was the perfect day…S had a great nap and went down well for bedtime, mommy got a lot accomplished (even a few more bags of mulch put down!), and a “traditional” dinner of burgers and corn on the cob. Who could ask for a better day?


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Splashy Good Fun

When S’s water table arrived, I practically ripped the box open right on my front porch to set it up. Mostly because I was so excited to see how much fun S would have playing with it, but also because it was so incredibly HOT outside and well, we were desperate for anything that would cool us off for a bit.

It was a “breeze” to set up, just popped the legs into the base and assembled the waterwheel contraption and that was it.

S took to her new table like, um, a duck takes to water.

So far, I’m very pleased with this table (and so is S!). Her little pool is set up nearby and she’ll go back and forth transporting water from one to the other. I think we’ll get a lot of splashes out of it this summer.

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One of my favorite summertime desserts is Strawberry Shortcake. My mom used to make this for us a lot when we were kids, so it brings back fun childhood memories. Strawberries and angel food cake cups were on sale last week, so I thought what better time to make some! The weather has been awesome in WI as of late, so this was the perfect treat to eat outside. S dug it, too!

mmmm….these are those stawbeebees I like so much…

Passing finger test…

Bib and fork work much better…

Yup, she’s down with the shortcake. Good, ’cause I’ll be making a lot more this summer!

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One of my favorite things to do on sunny Saturday mornings is make our way down to the Madison Farmer’s Market. There’s always so much to see, sample, and EAT! The market surrounds all four sides of the capitol building. Part of the reason I love going (besides the great food and people watching) is because it’s right in the heart of the city. I always feel such a good vibe here. I think it’s the perfect setting for a market.

The weather was amazing last Saturday (sunny and warm) for a trip to the market, so off we went. While mommy and daddy sampled some Rhubarb Scones (which were nice and soft and not dry and flakey…yum!), S devoured her pink sparkly flower cookie.

These pretty tulips were everywhere…

Then S got to sample her first Wisconsin cheese curds (squeaky cheese!). She loved them…anyone surprised?

Here’s our loot…we got lots of good stuff, radishes (which were so good, not hot at all), tomatoes, asparagus, cheese curds)

And look what those tomatoes turned into…


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I was so happy to get my USB cables in the mail today. I almost did a little dance in my kitchen. Almost. Now my blog can return to life and include videos and pictures of the little munchkin. What’s a family blog without pictures, right?

Here is the Row Your Boat footage that I talked about earlier. Her big thing now is saying, “One more time? Ok.” And then she proceeds to do whatever it is she said “one more time” about a million more times. Clearly does not understand this concept yet. Her sudden bust of energy just came out of the blue, which is why I think this is so funny. American Idol, watch out!

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Some Kind of Bug

Being the end of May (and apparently almost the middle of SUMMER given the 90 degree temps we’ve been rockin’ in WI recently), you’d probably guess that this post was going to be about some kind of creepy crawly thing…or as S likes to call them…icky bugs, but alas, I am not referring to any 6-legged creatures. I am referring to yet ANOTHER round of sickness that has me feeling all feverish, achy and basically wanting to curl up in a ball. The sickness gods apparently didn’t think that a bout of food poisoning a few weeks ago was enough for me, so they bestowed this new bug upon me (very sneakily, I might add…one minute I was feeling fine, then I felt the sore throat creep in and almost instantaneously, the body aches and chills).

Between S’s ear infections, fevers and my various sicknesses this school year, I’ve pretty much exhausted all my sick days. Thank goodness school will be out in a few weeks! Being so miserable has made me very grateful that I at least can drop S off at daycare and get some rest at home. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to watch her and be sick at the same time. Ugh. Crossing fingers and pleading UNCLE to the sickness gods that this doesn’t happen this summer.

Knowing that this was probably my last day home ALONE for quite some time, I wanted to make the most of it, despite being sick. It was a strange sick day, to say the least…I managed to choke down some Airborne, pop some ibuprofen, and um, scrub the kitchen floor. Yes, that’s right. I was tired of looking at a dirty floor, so I mopped it. I know I’m crazy. Then, still feeling ok, just weak, I took down the ceiling light in the kitchen and scrubbed it out. Then I collapsed in bed and slept off my fever (I hope!) for a few hours. J woke me up calling to ask if I wanted any lunch. He brought home McDonalds, which I was mysteriously craving.

I now feel much better, just a pounding headache, but I’ve managed to tidy up the rest of the house. You can now SEE our kitchen counter and all the odds and ends have been returned to their proper homes. Whew. I feel much better knowing all that housework stuff is taken care of.

Here’s hoping that this is the last of the sickness in our house for a while! I think we’re due for a respite!

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1. She is quite the chatterbox. Or as J likes to call her, our little parrot. She repeats EVERYTHING we say. For example, one morning I was headed out the door with her and I yelled up the stairs to ask J if he had fed Cooper. Later that night out of nowhere S yells…”MOMMA, YOU FEED COOPER?”

2. Along with all the chatter, we are now getting some songs from S as well. Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Rock-a-Bye Baby are the current favs, and J just taught her BINGO (there was a farmer…) this past weekend. She knows quite a few of the lines and the ones she doesn’t know quite so well, she just makes up as she goes along. I have some cute video of her rendition of row your boat, but I have managed to commit the ultimate mommy blogger crime and accidentally broke the USB cable for our camera that uploads video/pics. Oops. Not to fear, not one but TWO replacement cables are somewhere in this great land being shipped by the USPS right to my house at this very moment. Let’s hope they are waiting in my mailbox when I get home from work today!

3. We have a little cookie monster on our hands now. Every time she walks into the kitchen, I hear “cuukee”. It’s rather cute how she says it, but I wish she was asking for something healthier like “baby spring greens with grilled zucchini and low-fat vinaigrette”. For now, fending her off at the pass seems to be working. Mommy is getting good at the distraction game.

4. She is still very sensitive to sounds. She picks up on doves cooing, dogs barking, airplanes flying, motorcycles whizzing by, sirens blaring, etc. She ALWAYS comments on these sounds (“I hear it!”) and when it’s something loud, as soon as it’s over or gone past, she says, “All done lawnmower”, like she’s so relieved it’s over. She’s even said, “No like sirens” when we go past an ambulance in the car or hear a fire truck going by.

5. When she sees J or I eating the same thing she is eating, she says, “Momma like it, too”. “Dadda like it, too.” It’s so cute to hear her go back and forth when we are all eating together.

S is 3 days shy of 23 months. The last time I can refer to her age in MONTHS, pretty soon it will be YEARS!

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